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Heart palpitations - should I be worried?

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Jg93x Sat 30-May-20 17:19:54


So for the last two or three days usually around this time of an evening or later I start getting heart palpitations consistently for a few hours then they stop.

They seem to come on while I’m eating and make me feel like I can’t catch my breath for a second. Over the course of 30 mins- 1 hour I probably have felt them about 10-15 times.

I’ve never had any heart problems or anything, should I be worried? Not sure whether to call my midwife!

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thattravelphotographer Sat 30-May-20 17:27:21

Not sure how many weeks you are, but I'm 33 and started getting this in the last few weeks. A quick Google told me it's common in third trimester, and midwife didn't batter an eyelid when I mentioned it to her last week! That said, mine are short lived, and seem to go as quickly as they come. You know your body best, so if you are concerned then definitely raise it with your midwife or GP.

JKD1982 Sat 30-May-20 17:36:32

I had this and was quite worried as it wasn’t comfortable at all and I’ve never had heart or breathing issues. I saw the consultant and he said it is very common and not to worry. It will pass. I just tried to rest and breathe slowly through it. 38 weeks now and it seems to have passed. Was worse 30-36 weeks

Jg93x Sat 30-May-20 17:39:15

@thattravelphotographer @JKD1982, I’m coming up to 30 weeks so maybe that has something to do with it!

They feel awful, think I’ll pop a text to my midwife just in case but I’m glad I’m not the only one x

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