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Thrush in pregnancy 😒

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AnxiousKerry Fri 29-May-20 18:13:49

I've had thrush on and off since about 7 weeks. I've had several pesseries prescribed and it clears up for about a week and bam, it's back. I'm now 33 weeks and have just come off a 6 day course of pesserys. Fine for a few days and now bam. Lol were back again.

I don't suffer the crazy itch people complain about. I've had 2 swabs taken during this pregnancy just to check it's still thrush.
It's horrible because when it comes back the discharge makes me feel damp all the time. I really hate it.
I don't really want to take ANOTHER bloody pessery. I have 7 weeks to go. Do I just deal with it?

Has anybody else suffered like this lol

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