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Tips that helped you through your pregnancy

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aleisha1989 Thu 28-May-20 15:50:18

Let's share some tips that's helped you get through your pregnancy past or present, your tips or advice might be helpful to others, I have lots!!!

Morning sickness, try watermelon, crackers, dry toast

Can't sleep? Try eat a banana, do some meditation

Sore legs, use magnesium creams and rest with legs up

Sleep on the left side as this improves circulation to the heart, allows for the best blood flow to your baby, I'm uterus and kidneys, nutrients reach baby better and is safer for your baby

Blood during pregnancy?? Put a panty liner on and if you fill it up within an hour then go to doctor, if it is bright red don't wait!
If you've had sex and notice blood after this is normal and common as the cervix is soft and friction causes the cervix to shed some skin.
If blood is flowing seek medical advice

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ttcchapter1 Thu 28-May-20 16:03:46

Thank you so much for this smile

CazzaCat Thu 28-May-20 17:18:37

@aleisha1989 sorry OP that advice might work for you but your point about bleeding is kind of wrong. All bleeding should be reported, yes sometimes it’s nothing to worry about but sometimes it is.

I have had very light bleeding and was sent for an early scan - the midwife said all bleeding should be investigated and so do NHS guidelines.

aleisha1989 Fri 29-May-20 00:47:40

@Cazzacat I bled several times during my pregnant, that was due to a subchronic haemorrhage and my doctor told me that unless the blood is bright red or flowing they wouldn't do anything except keep me overnight for observation and if still bleeding morning then they'd do a scan. I was saying it's common to bleed after sex though. Not everything I've listed helped me, it's advice I've picked up along the way and thought it may help others

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