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Will nipple stimulation....

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babyt2020 Thu 28-May-20 12:51:44

Work even if I have no colostrum? I'm 38 + 5 and really starting to struggle now. I'm so excited about the baby and hate sounding negative but the SPD, severe back pain, chronic constipation and constant excruciating heartburn is making me a bit fed up. Not helped by being home alone all day every day but I know that can't be helped with lockdown.

I've tried hot baths with clary sage oil, I'm drinking raspberry leaf tea everyday and just read about trying to hand express colostrum but I don't have any? I've not leaked at during pregnancy, I just had a bath and watched a YouTube video and tried, there's nothing there but might the nipple stimulation work? I'm pretty much in bed or on sofa all day every day now, I can't do anything and I just need a little hand hold or your best inducing advice! I cannot even contemplate sex though!

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DemolitionBarbie Thu 28-May-20 12:58:27

I don't know, tbh. I don't think you can rush it but I know it's rotten in the last bit (my first pregnancy went 12 days over)

Stick wand vibrator and jigsaw puzzles. Alternate them! Can use a vibe on nips while you watch telly too grin

The sex thing is prostaglandins in semen (apparently more efficient when consumed, if you can face a bj) plus oxytocin for you - energetic penetrative sex not required!

Whatshername20 Thu 28-May-20 13:10:51

I didn't make too much at all but I lost my plug the day after doing it, baby kept me waiting another couple of days after losing plug though 🙈

Doubl Thu 28-May-20 13:56:59

The nipple stimulation is to release oxytocin so I'd assume it still works even if you don't produce colostrum smile

ShowOfHands Thu 28-May-20 14:05:20

Nipple stimulation is one of the only old wives tales with a tiny amount of scientific backing (raspberry leaf tea for example is nothing to do with inducing labour, it's a tonic to strengthen your pushing stage). But the evidence is extremely limited and research suggests it's only of use if you're ready to go anyway and your cervix is already doing its thing. Otherwise, it can do nothing, cause pointless contractions or make you feel demoralised.

Sex doesn't work (some evidence to suggest it makes you less likely to go into labour) so don't worry about that!

babyt2020 Thu 28-May-20 18:19:53

That's great thanks for the advice ladies, no I couldn't face a bj! Unless it was guaranteed it'd get rid of the heartburn! 🤢

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