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heart burn cure desperately needed......

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rosebud1980 Thu 20-Sep-07 23:30:37

ive still got another 3mths to go of this. It just seems to be getting worse and worse. Last night it woke me up-this sounds gross but i actually had sick in my mouth shock.I have to sleep with the bin beside me because i can feel the acid travelling up into my mouth. Gaviscon isnt touching it so what else can i do?

Katsma Fri 21-Sep-07 00:09:54

Oh I do feel for you, I remember this well.

Mine was much worse at night when lying down. I ended up sleeping in a sitting position by propping myself up with lots of pillows. Reduced it massively.

Also, eating small amounts more regularly, rather than one big meal iyswim.

Oddly, I found that the more unhealthy the food, the better! Fruit was agonising, cheese on toast with mayonnaise, no problem grin

Beenleigh Fri 21-Sep-07 00:18:14

more gavison

pointydog Fri 21-Sep-07 00:22:48

Have you tried milk? It helped me.

Alfie72 Fri 21-Sep-07 07:59:42

You need to sleep upright perhaps ? optimally- still lie on your side but with extra pillows or a V pillow.
I would see your GP too as they may be able to prescribe some stronger Gaviscon, mine did.
Homeopathy may help- you'll need to see a practitioner though about this.
I would try and avoid spicy and fried foods, eat small amounts little and often.

lilymolly Fri 21-Sep-07 08:01:15

ranitidine on prescription for gp, take twice a day. works well, in conjunction with gaviscon

amidaiwish Fri 21-Sep-07 08:55:49

oh i used to get heartburn so badly it would make me cry.

cutting down on water helped me the most surprisingly enough. i mentioned it to the doctor and he said something about swilling the acid, can't remember, but it made sense to him.
no coffee or tea
yoghurt, milk, fennel/peppermint tea
small meals, frequently - don't get hungry.

Rennie Duo was better than Gaviscon i found.

Also it might not last until the end of your pg, just might be the position your baby is in pushing against your stomach. when it moves down you should get relief


dubs Fri 05-Oct-07 06:17:56

Hi, If you're looking for a natural remedy then I would suggest eating a handful of grapes!!!! I know it seems strange but trust me it really does work. Good Luck

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