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Spotting early pregnancy

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A08x Wed 27-May-20 17:15:07

Hello! I found out on Thursday last week at about 9DPO I’m pregnant for the first time (so absolutely clueless lol!) Been testing every day / day and a half and each time the lines are continuously darker.

I had a light brown tinge to my discharge from wed-Saturday which then progressed to a light amount of brown spotting on Sunday. It has got slightly more since then, still a small amount (not enough to even wear a pad and more so when I wipe), and is still very clearly brown with no hint of red, but it’s making me anxious none the less. It’s absolutely nowhere near period amount but I’m scared it keeps getting more that it’s gonna end up that way!

I last tested this morning using clear blue and the lines were strong, much stronger than my test on Monday. Just looking to find out other people’s experiences of this please? I plan to refer to midwife on Friday or Monday, I didn’t want to do it too early as I’m only 4+3 today x

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Bubblegum498 Wed 27-May-20 17:19:56

Didnt want to read and run and might jot be much help. Spotting in early pregnancy is fairly common I've heard but if 6ou have any concerns maybe speak to your gp?

LoveSunshine01 Wed 27-May-20 18:21:46

Don't worry, spotting is super common, especially when you would normally have a period. Congratulations!

A08x Fri 29-May-20 21:41:44

Thank you both for responding. Contacted GP yesterday who wasn’t overly concerned, said it’s common in the early days! It got a bit worse to the point I have to wear a pad, so definitely not looking good.

Contacted my EPU who have said it’s too early to be able to tell what’s going on, so I’ve to test again on Thursday & if positive I’ve to phone them back to arrange early scan, and if negative it’s been an early loss 😒 Totally gutted x

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Bubblegum498 Sat 30-May-20 15:13:44

Fingers crossed that it's just some bleeding and that's it's not a loss x

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