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Bugaboo fox or YOYO Babyzen? Which is better?

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Ella5555 Wed 27-May-20 15:00:00

Hi everyone!

In need of buying a buggy for first baby due soon and with everything that’s going on I can try them out in person so any help or experience with either would be really appreciated!
I know they both have their perks (I’m leaning towards the bugaboo because of the wheels good for dog walks - leaning towards yoyo2 babyzen for its lightness and easy to carry around put in boot)

Would love to know what anyone thought about either?


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Clemmie83 Wed 27-May-20 15:16:53

I've done a lot of research and watching of YouTube reviews etc and my favourite so far is the Bugaboo Fox2 as it ticks all the boxes. Can't wait to get out to an actual shop to try it out!

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