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Anyone else getting kicked in the bladder and feel like a foot is about to emerge from...

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sleepfinder Thu 20-Sep-07 20:33:35

Their nether regions?

I was told this baby was breech some weeks ago.

Convinced myself she'd shifted into head down / feet up (I got up in the night for a pee and found lead-weight-madam had sunk to the bottom of my belly)

But she must still be breech if I keep thinking a foot is going to pop out any minute (along with all my organs).

Anyone els got this? How do you deal with it? I didn't have it with DC1 at all and I'm only 28/29 wks gone. I am dreading the final month of whale-like life!

frangipan Thu 20-Sep-07 20:49:48

baby could have moved into head down and be punching you in the nether regions rather than kicking iykwim grin

I am 34 weeks at the moment and the little one is head down and Most days I think she's going to break through.....

You have my complete sympathy, however I don't think there's much you can do about the bladder being used as target practice. Apparentley crawling around on all fours can encouraged baby into a head down position-you've still plenty of time for them to move.

No real help I know, but the whale like last month is going to happen, embrace it in all its whaleness, ask for help, look pleadingly at members of the public so they'll open doors/carry your shopping/give up their seat etc etc, you can do it, as baby grows there won't be as much room for body popping around your bladder anyway, so it might get better.

sleepfinder Thu 20-Sep-07 20:52:25

Thanks Frangipan. I shall indeed milk it for all its worth.

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