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Normal weight gain in pregnancy ?

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Mummytobe10101 Tue 26-May-20 04:35:44

Hello smile I’m almost 39 weeks pregnant with 1st baby and I hopped on the scales yesterday only to find out that I’d gained a whopping 3 and a half stone since the start of my pregnancy ! Is this normal? How much weight do people normally gain? At each of my midwife appointments, she has said that the baby is measuring as average and there has been no concerns. What’s everyone else’s weight gain experience been like in pregnancy? Looking for some reassurance!! Thank you! Xx

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Mummytobe10101 Tue 26-May-20 04:55:41

Edit : my partner is a doctor and says that it’s not concerning at all - but I’m still wondering whether this is normal haha ! X thank you smilesmile

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MrsCl19 Tue 26-May-20 05:35:04

Yes! I gained the same! I soon lost it all after though! Good luck for baby

Puds11 Tue 26-May-20 05:37:25

I gained 1.5 stone but I was already overweight at the start. Lost all of it and some more now 1 year on. As long as you and baby are healthy it is fine.

KatnissMellark Tue 26-May-20 07:23:39

I ever weigh myself in pregnancy as find it stresses me out. As long as my clothes fit (in same size mat clothes as I was normal clothes) and I don't think I've put lots of weight on arms/lega/face I don't worry too much.

If you were smaller to start with a higher Wight gain would be expected. I think 3.5 stone would be the higher end of normal but if you want healthily I'm sure it will come off after the birth.

MsChatterbox Tue 26-May-20 07:50:32

Gained 4 stone last pregnancy 😬. Lost over half of that in the first 10 weeks with no effort. The rest was off by the end of the year (last 10lbs were tricky and I needed weightwatchers!). Seem to be doing the same this pregnancy... I've avoided scales so far but doing one check when labour starts so I feel good when the number starts going back down!

Billyjoearmstrong Tue 26-May-20 08:12:43

It all depends on your pre pregnancy weight.

My BMi is 37, I’m 25 weeks and I’m eating very healthily, no sugar, cut down on the crap carbs but eating lots of healthy fats as I don’t want to gain any weight (full support of consultant and midwife). I lost 6 stone last year before falling pregnant but obviously I’m still obese so I’m really aware of how easy it would be to gain all that again!

I’ve not gained anything so far so must have lost a few pounds accounting for the weight of the pregnancy. I’ll be carrying on the weight loss after birth as well. My heaviest last year I was 22 stone (just under 16 now) and Christ, it was awful.

I’m due to have my third section as well, I had enough complications in the first two when I wasn’t over weight so that’s spurring me on.

pollysproggle Tue 26-May-20 08:20:50

I've put on 25lbs and the midwife said it was quite a lot so I'm not sure??
I put it all on in the first 6 months and I've stayed the same weight for the last 7-8 weeks. I'm 36+2

DevilsAdvocaat Tue 26-May-20 08:25:13

Please don't worry about this.
I put on 3+ stone with each pregnancy and lost the weight afterwards. I wish I hadn't worried so much about weight gain!

Everyone is different!

KobeWan Tue 26-May-20 08:27:20

I also put on four stone, going from 9-13 stone. I'd shed a stone and a half before coming home from hospital. When I returned to work 12 weeks later, I'd lost another stone and a half and the final stone was off a few months after that. Eight years later, I'm maintaining my pre pregnancy 9 stone.
At the time, I felt like a whale and wouldn't let people take photos of me but I massively regret that now.

muckandnettles Tue 26-May-20 10:41:30

Oh yes, I gained about that with my second one (not sure I weighed myself with my first!) I was the size of a small house.

Mummytobe10101 Tue 26-May-20 11:03:53

Ahh thank you so much for the responses! Hugely appreciated!! I feel a lot better about it.
Most of my weight seems to be on my bum, thighs and face! (And the baby bump).
Thank you everyone xxx

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