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Not sure what’s going on 39+1

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Toosoontobe1 Mon 25-May-20 20:59:47

Hi smile
Hoping to get a bit of guidance.
I’m 39+1 I’ve only had BH & nothing to say labour is looming but today I’ve been getting a lot more of what I thought was BH but not sure if its actually tightening as it’s lasted all day!
Been getting some little pains down below & head movements feeling very low which has started this afternoon.
Because of the tightness baby movements on the inside seem a lot more uncomfortable.
I feel worse sat down then when I’m up & about even though it’s still happening. I’ve been for a walk & felt ok had no problems.
I never experienced BH with my first (not that I knew off) so unsure.
I know they say you ‘know when it’s the real thing’ & I completely agree but can BH change intensity.
It’s hard for me to explain, sorry haha

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Cazzy198 Mon 25-May-20 21:17:03

Hello. I am a first time mum and I started getting BH about 5 days ago for the first time. Mine were just as you described and i got all excited thinking labour was going to start when I had had BH all day however it stopped when i went to bed.

I now get period pains and what I assume is BH almost every night (and today all day) and have done so for the last 4-6 days. I am working on the premise that if I can sleep though it, it cant be actual labour and so far I always wake up pain free. I am 40+3 at the time of writing this.

I would call or text your midwife/maternity unit though as I have no actual experience of what labour feels like.

I am interested on what others think though

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