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Please help me work out my dates

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tiredandemosh1 Mon 25-May-20 10:14:38

Hi my LMP was on 17th. DTD only once that month on 4th. I think I OV on 10th as I had spotting.
I had a gush of blood on 15th and bleeding half a day then absolutely nothing which is weird for me as I spot for a few days before af. Then from 17th onwards had huge sore boobs. Did a test on 22nd its was a strong BFP!
Please can you help make sense of how pregnant I am? Think my cycles are 29/30 days.
These dates really don't make sense and googling isn't very helpful!

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sel2223 Mon 25-May-20 10:27:57

Initially, the midwives/doctors will just take your date from the first day of your LMP, so, if that was 17th April, then you'd be 5+3 today (which makes sense for the strong BFP). The LMP calculations are based on an average 28 day cycle with implantation occurring on day 14 so it's not 100% accurate but it gives you a guide.

Any spotting or bleeding after that may just be implantation bleeding which is not unusual and usually happens in the days/week after ovulation rather than on the day of ovulation itself.

You won't get an exact EDD until your dating scan as that goes by the actual measurements of your baby and normally ties in more with when you ovulated. For example, I know I ovulated around day 19/20 of my cycle and sure enough, the dating scan put me 5 days behind the date LMP gave me.

Don't forget, whenever you ovulated, you add 2 weeks to the beginning as it's taken from when the egg is released. That means that when you actually conceive, you are already 2 weeks pregnant! Also, sperm can live inside of you for a few days (up to a week I believe) so if you DTD on 4th, you could have ovulated later.

Hope that all makes sense.

sel2223 Mon 25-May-20 10:34:06

If you ovulated sooner than you thought and conceived on 4th (day 17 of your cycle) then you'd be 5 weeks today which is only 3 days different and would be about right for the timeline of symptoms.

tiredandemosh1 Mon 25-May-20 11:03:52

@sel2223 thank you so much. The bleeding on the 17th was most probably implantation. I could have ovulated sooner than 15th, I just assumed it was that day due to slight spotting.
Do you think I'm past the point for a chemical?

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sel2223 Mon 25-May-20 11:20:46

@tiredandemosh1 I'm no expert but, from what I've seen on here, chemicals tend to happen shortly after implantation (before 4 weeks). If you're 5 weeks plus then I'd say you are past that now.

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