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Thoughts on baby number 4??

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MrsC106 Sun 24-May-20 17:09:33

What’s everyone’s thoughts on having a 4th baby? I’m 29 and I have 3 children age 10, 8 and 3 and I’m considering a 4th. DH wants to wait a few years but I’m not sure I want the gap between my 3 year old and potential baby to be much larger! I already find the 4 years between both girls too large! Please helpsmile. Any personal experience would be much appreciated xx

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Windyatthebeach Sun 24-May-20 17:23:57

I had 3.9 gaps between 1, 2 +3. Then a 14 month gap between 3-4. Going from 3-4 was easier than 2-3..

ElectricTonight Sun 24-May-20 17:28:44

So glad to hear that @Windyatthebeach I'm pregnant with number 4 and shitting it! grin

Following thread!

Nov19 Sun 24-May-20 17:46:10

I have 4 years between my two boys. Wish there wasn’t such a big gap but I wasn’t in a position where it could be any smaller. DP and I want #3 , DS is 7 months and I’m not taking any contraception (although I am breastfeeding so I don’t think I’ve regained my normal fertility yet). I love the idea of a small gap.

I also love the idea of 4 children. No experience but just wanted to say go for it grin

MrsC106 Sun 24-May-20 18:20:35

I defo agree with going from 2-3 being easier. I think once you’ve had 2 kids you can’t get any more tired so you’re used to it lol! My 3rd slotted in perfectly and I’m hoping it will be the same for 4. Just need to talk DH into doing it sooner rather than later haha! Xx

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BabbleBee Sun 24-May-20 18:22:25

I have a 9 year age gap between DC1 and DC4; it can be problematic at times.

HappyAsASandboy Sun 24-May-20 18:26:56

I have just had baby number 4, so now have 9 year old twins, a 5 year old and a newborn.

The older three have all been lovely with baby. Some disappointments throughout pregnancy and now when I can't do the things they're used to be doing (bike rides, going running etc), but they adore their new brother.

I would like to be able to say that a nice big gap between 3 and 4 means maternity leave with just the baby for part of the day, but the schools are closed! But I have hopes for peaceful days with the baby one day when the schools go back.

Three wasn't much different to two for me, and so far having four isn't much different to three. It's basically a juggle of everybody's wants and needs, and there's just another one in the mix to consider. The big kids are used to that juggle and so are (mostly!) able to understand that the baby has more urgent needs that them at the moment but that they will get time with me later.

MauisLeftNipple Sun 24-May-20 18:42:43

Piece of cake! I have a 7yo, about to turn 5yo, 3yo and 11mo.

Don't ask me about having a 5th though - NEVER going to happen!

Grumpy19 Sun 24-May-20 20:21:44

I have just found out I am pregnant with no 4. Not planned, real shock. DH wants a termination but I'm not sure. For one thing (because of bizarre periods etc) I could be anything from 4 to 14 weeks. I have a scan on Wednesday to find out how far along I am.
For lots and lots of practical reasons another baby is a terrible idea. But my heart says something else. sad

Maidmummy Mon 25-May-20 07:24:21

I'm pregnant with number 4 it's a planned baby, I have a 5 year old, 3 year old and 20 months, I've always said I want my children close together, I didn't want to get to the point of getting all my 3 off to school having time to myself to go back to loosing my spare time because number 4 comes along, I'd rather get them all out the way while I still have young ones and while I'm still young (27) and they can grow up close in age , I always knew I wanted 4 children with at least 2 years between each baby. 3 children are pretty easy so hoping number 4 just slots in x

RottieLover95 Mon 25-May-20 07:26:51

I have four aged 10, 6, 3, and 1. I also agree going from 3-4 was easier than 2-3 smile

Indigogirl88 Mon 25-May-20 08:28:11

Love this thread, currently pregnant with dc1 but I want 4...though I'm 32 so times ticking already 😂 I'll pop back here when I've had 4. I'm just so thankful for my fertility still ok at 32 I might be a bit optimistic for 4 by 40!

Diversion Mon 25-May-20 22:15:45

I have 4, all grown up now. 1st child at 23, 4th child at 30. There is between 2 years and 4 months and 2 years and 9 months between them all. For me going from 2-3 was easy, number 4 surprise was harder due to needing a bigger car and a bigger house. She was an incredibly chilled out baby though and had to be really. She has grown into an incredibly chilled out adult too. Best surprise ever!

SleepingStandingUp Mon 25-May-20 22:21:00

I had 1 then twins. I'd like 4 but too scared of twins again 😂😂

MrsC106 Tue 26-May-20 12:06:50

Oh id love twins! My husband is a twinsmile

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SleepingStandingUp Wed 27-May-20 09:26:52

Remember when you're babies were a their screamiest? Double that so either it's in stereo or tag teamed so it's never ends.

Elllicam Wed 27-May-20 09:29:51

I have a 7, 5, 3 and 1 year old. The baby just slotted right in with his big brothers. @Indigogirl88 I started when I was 30 and still could fit another in before 40 smile good luck!

MrsC106 Wed 17-Jun-20 17:54:14

Just a wee update, took my coil out (at home diy job) a little over a week ago. DH has surrendered and agreed to anothergrin. Fingers crossed we don’t need to wait too long!

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Mummyspider27 Wed 17-Jun-20 18:04:08

Exciting! Fingers crossed for you!
The DIY coil removal makes my bottom feel funny 😂 x

AintOverUntilTheCatLadySings Wed 17-Jun-20 18:38:24

@grumpy19 - I hope you're ok

Grumpy19 Wed 17-Jun-20 18:57:09

@AintOverUntilTheCatLadySings, I'm good thanks (apart from horrific morning sickness that lasts 24hours!)
DH and I decided that we couldn't face a termination and so I'm still expecting DC4!
9 weeks tomorrow (I had a scan)
I am a little terrified. We're going to need a bigger house and car!

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