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Experiences of planned /elective c section?

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mouse1234567 Sun 24-May-20 15:20:49

Hi all,
I’m 37 weeks and my baby is breech. I have been given the option of an ECV to manually turn the baby or going straight for a c section. After weighing it up for me personally I think a c section might be my best option. So basically I wanted to ask about your experiences of how a planned c section was for you? From what I have read many find it quite a calm experience. Obviously during this virus recovery in hospital isn’t great -but hopefully I wouldn’t have to stay too long!

Any thoughts or experiences would be great to hear. Thanks

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terriblyangryattimes Sun 24-May-20 15:24:03

I've had two planned C sections. My first one I stayed one night in hospital and was let go, for my 2nd I stayed 2 nights. Make sure you take the painkillers at the right time till the end of the course and take things easy, but do try and stand upright as soon as the catheter is out and have a shower- it's not as bad as you expect.
My birth plan included lowering the drape so I could see them being pulled out and immediate skin to skin (sonal to put your gown on opening at the front if thats what you'd like to do as it will be easier)

Good luck!

poozel Sun 24-May-20 15:28:21

I had one and it was lovely.

Consultant led after many, many losses. She advised section as safest and calmest way to get baby here.

Arrived early and was first in. I was nervous obviously but it was absolutely fine. We didn't know what Dd was and they no longer allow dh to cut cord but he told me she was a girl.

Lots of people in theatre. More than I expected. All really friendly.

Back to ward and followed enhanced recovery. Dd born about half ten. Was in shower by lunchtime. I was in for five days but that was because Dd was not gaining weight and had jaundice quite badly. I was up and walking next morning.

Wound wise no issues. I did blow dry it, some say not to because of dust but I had no issues.

Shelley54 Sun 24-May-20 15:32:25

I had an ELCS 2 years ago after an EMCS 2 years before. It was a very calm experience despite my nerves.

What would you like to know more about?

In terms of recovery I went to the theatre about 9.30am, DS2 was born about 10am, I was down on the ward just after lunch (they saved me some), up and walking by tea time, catheter and cannula out by 7pm, discharged the next day by 11am.

First time round I was in for 5 days after DS1's birth - I was fine, he was poorly. Luckily I was in a private room, but found recovery much harder with people coming in and out your room all the time. Much easier at home on my own schedule.

mistletoeprickles Mon 25-May-20 09:04:51

I had an elective in 2017 and it was a fantastic experience.
I had gestational diabetes so I had to go in the night before and was first on the list. It was so calm, within minutes DS was out and I wasn't paying attention to what was going on anymore. I had him straight on me and that's where he stayed.
I stayed in that night but was home by lunchtime the following day. The best advice I was given was to keep up with regular pain meds, even if I felt I didn't need them and to get moving as soon as I could. I'm positive that helped aide recovery.
I'm planning another elective later this year and I hope the experience is similar

olivesandpecans Mon 25-May-20 09:16:20

I had my third c section 13 days ago (this one was elective as was my 2nd). The op was great and I was discharged within 24 hours. Please feel free to ask anything about recovery etc/pm me - I’m off painkillers now and don’t need to give any more injections. There was very little difference in terms of my 2nd and 3rd despite COVID except my husband couldn’t stay as long and everyone was in PPE.

LordCat Mon 25-May-20 09:20:20

I had one a week ago.

In my hospital they’re only keeping people in for 24 hours after a c section so only needed to stay one night. Might have actually spent more time in hospital having a vaginal delivery as obviously the giving birth part takes longer that way even if you can be discharged faster after the baby arrives with a vaginal delivery.

Had mine around lunchtime, walking around about 6PM, but that made me vomit so didn’t push it. Catheter out the following morning (could/should have come out 1AM, but midwife kindly allowed it to stay in until the morning rather than wake me up). Home just after lunchtime that day. They make sure you’re up and about, have passed urine twice and either are passing wind or have had a poo before you can leave.

You’ll probably have to use blood thinning injections for at least 10 days, afterwards, but depending on your risk of blood clots maybe longer after a c section.

A week on, pain isn’t too bad (it’s actually less painful than I thought it would be) to the point I now keep forgetting to take my painkillers. You’re not allowed to lift anything heavier than your baby for 6 weeks or drive and it’s important in terms of recovery not to overdo things.

The whole experience was very calm, and the staff were lovely but like a PP says be prepared for there being loads of people (about 10) in theatre.

Should also add that I don’t think the vomiting I had was related to having the c section as had the same after a vaginal delivery. It was intense but short lived and had magically totally resolved when I woke up the next morning.

violet850 Mon 25-May-20 09:30:53

Another really positive experience here. Found out baby was breech at +37 weeks, did try an ECV (if in same position again would just go straight to c section) but it didn't work so had c section. All really calm and straightforward and I had an easy recovery with no issues.
Could have gone home the next morning but stayed an extra night to get help with feeding. Pregnant again now and planning another ELCS. Like others have said, stay in top of the painkillers - I did and never got to the position of being in any real pain. I also took arnica tablets, not sure if this made a difference but worth a go!

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