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I feel like a bit of a hypochondriac, but advice wanted from anyone with medical knowledge!

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feedmenow Thu 20-Sep-07 13:44:33

OK, 2 things......

1. When pg with ds (now 5.8) I developed a para-unbilical hernia. It didn't give me much pain during the pg and wasn't actually officially diagnosed and repaied until ds was 2.5!
Am now 14 weeks pg and am aware of intermittent tenderness around my belly button. Am I just being paranoid? Am I more or less likely to get another hernia because of my history? Should I sepak to my GP or is there actually not all that much they can do?


2. Before this pg I was experiencing pain in my lower abdomen. Had various tests and a scan but all found "normal". When I was around 5+4 pg I got so worried about the pains that I went to EPU where the doctor found some sort of "lesion" on my left ovary. (The report he gave me actually said "incomplete miscarriage" - I had a missed mc in January). He told me that the stretching during pregnancy would probably resolve the problem but if it was still the same after pg then to go back and see him in his gynae clinic.
Anyway, I am still getting pains, often when I stand up quite quickly, etc. But yesterday I sneezed and it really hurt! This is what has got me a little worried. Should I really be experiencing pain on sneezing? Should I see GP or m/w or should I just go with it and let the stretching idea have a go?

Thanks for reading!

Peachy Thu 20-Sep-07 13:53:39

Now the second bit isn't far off what i've been experiencing in this pg without any lesions so I wouldn't worry- MW says to worry ONLY if crmaps or bleeding.

The first bit I have no idea about, a call to your GP woudl sort either way though

RobbiesGirl Thu 20-Sep-07 15:36:43

i have pains similar to this but have been told it is the way the baby is lying, also my first child was less than a year old when i got pregnant again, so could be my body not fully recovered, but the pains are getting worse, and i'm scared the problem is with me not pregnancy related, am living on paracetamol at the mo, baby moving it just trapped wind, piles and stretching ligaments or something more serious?

feedmenow Thu 20-Sep-07 18:08:12

Trapped wind, piles and stretching ligaments.....oh, Robbiesgirl, you make pregnancy sound just great wink How many weeks are you? I mean, I know we have to expect some discomfort in pg, but should it actually be painful?

Thank you both for the replies. I'm seeing the mw in 11 days so I'll probably mention it all to her and see what she thinks, unless pains get worse in the meantime.

RobbiesGirl Thu 20-Sep-07 19:05:01

i am now 25+6 and wishing it was all over already......not feeling too good.....are you experiencing discomfort too?

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