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Protein in urine

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sel2223 Sun 24-May-20 11:19:27

Hi ladies,

I had a 28 week consultant appointment last week and they said I had +1 protein in my urine and a trace of glucose.
Everything else, BP etc, was all OK.

Just wondering if anyone else had this and what it meant? They said they were going to send it away for further testing but I haven't heard anything back from them yet (they also took bloods).

Could it be pre-eclampsia without the high BP? What else could it be?

I do have a midwife appt on Wednesday so can speak to her then but it's been playing on my mind so thought I'd ask on here to see if anyone has had similar.

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TenThousandSpoons0 Sun 24-May-20 12:02:27

You can get a little bit of extra protein in the urine, as well as glucose, in normal pregnancy - due to changes in the kidneys, faster filtering of blood because of your increased blood volume. Dipsticks aren’t precise hence the need for a lab test - there’s a specific cut off for normal level of protein and I expect yours came back normal and it’s just a normal variation for you. 1+ on dip can go either way, usually 2+ or 3+ is significant. If it’s high can be pre eclampsia, infection, or lots of other kidney conditions (which it doesn’t sound like!). Sometimes it is just on its own and everything else is fine - in that case they’d usually monitor for pre eclampsia with regular BP checks.

Can you call them to find out the result? Might save you some wondering and most likely out your mind at rest!

sel2223 Sun 24-May-20 13:43:33

Thank you for replying @TenThousandSpoons0 that's really helpful.
Hopefully you're right and it's just been a normal variation.

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