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Tiredness has got worse 10 weeks - please help

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newmumtobe66 Sun 24-May-20 08:58:17

Hiya. I wanted to know if anyone found the 9 and 10 weeks the hardest. I am so unbelievably tired I can only describe it like the tiredness you get from an awful bug. No amount of sleep changes it and I am a walking zombie.I felt less tired a couple of weeks ago but now even the thought of standing up is unbearable. Is this normal? I ask as I have a thyroid condition which is being monitored but I wouldn't if the thyroid was making this even worse or this was just normal pregnancy tiredness? xxx

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FairyAnn Sun 24-May-20 09:02:43

I'm 9+4 and I'm exhausted constantly. I got 9 hours sleep last night and I'm still in bed this morning because I'm too tired to get up. I nap regularly on the day and can't even muster the energy to go for a walk.

So I would say you're normal ☺️ everyone I have spoken to says the tiredness in the first trimester is unbelievable, but maybe worth checking with the midwife for anemia if you're worried

IncyWincySpiderOnRepeat Sun 24-May-20 13:09:11

My tiredness and sickness definitely peaked around 10 weeks. I’m 16 weeks now and although still being sick first thing am feeling much, much better for the rest of the day.

Around 10 weeks there were days when getting out of bed at all was a struggle whereas usually I’m fairly active and busy all day so I would say it sounds like what you are experiencing is normal pregnancy symptoms.

Might still be worth asking to be checked though if you are worried that the thyroid condition could be making things worse.

Indigogirl88 Sun 24-May-20 13:37:24

Yes I would say this was very similar to me, I'm 20w now, by 11 weeks I was feeling slightly very slightly less nauseous but still tired and it wasnt until week 14 I felt less sick, I am still tired now but I do feel tonnes better

PocoyoandEllie Sun 24-May-20 13:47:01

I have just turned 10 weeks and after worrying I felt more normal last week, I now feel like I have been hit by a train, so tired and can’t stop being sick again 😩

Hodge85 Sun 24-May-20 14:51:16

I was exhausted in the first trimester, never known tiredness like it! 37 weeks now and I can stay up late if I want to but I did struggle to stay up past 8pm in those early days x

New2020 Sun 24-May-20 17:52:18

Yes feel your pain!! I was feeling so nauseous by that point praying for the 12 week point hoping it would go (I think it only started easing at 15 weeks but still feel sick in the evenings). I remember spending whole weekends in bed. It will get better x

Nelbert19 Sun 24-May-20 18:18:25

I was sleeping 16 hours a day during weeks 8-16, then felt much better during second trimester, sleeping normal hours and sometimes having an hours nap in the day.

Now I’m 31 weeks and am very sleepy again! Last night I slept 10 hours (Woke twice to go to the loo), then dozed in the car while waiting for my husband to finish the food shop and then had a two hour nap after I came home from a walk. I am now counting down the minutes until it’s socially acceptable to go back to bed!

It feels more like a hard physical day of exercise sort of tired, rather than the awful, ill fatigue of the first trimester though

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