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Sharp pains and cramps 6 weeks pregnant

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Mads12345 Sun 24-May-20 08:54:29

Hi everyone,
So I am currently 6 weeks pregnant, I found out I was pregnant at 8dpo and have been pretty crampy throughout, but the last couple of days I have been getting really sharp pains when I sneeze, or sometimes when I roll over in bed or cough. I experienced a miscarriage on my last cycle so am a bit worried about this. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this so early along? No blood, no morning sickness.

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physicskate Sun 24-May-20 09:18:52

Cramps would wake me up at night they were so bad! But one-sided pains need looking into... mine were just generalised.

One year old playing next to me now. So it was normal for me!

Mads12345 Mon 25-May-20 10:25:14

That's reassuring, although the last day or 2 the pain/ discomfort seems to be on the right side. I had an ultrasound today just at the doctors clinic so the quality wasn't that great and they could see the sac but nothing inside of it yet, but only 6 weeks the doc said that's not uncommon and that everything else looks ok. A proper scan tomorrow so fingers crossed it's all ok. Thanks!

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