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Has anyone else had this in pregnancy?

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sophie269 Sat 23-May-20 15:01:21

So at 13 week scan baby was on 50 percentile line. Then 20 week baby was measuring 50 percent on ac, hc and the other one ( can’t remember what it is) then has 29 midwife appointment and I’m only measuring 26 so been sent for growth scan? So plotted on the graph even below 3rd percentile line. Anyone else had this?

fuuuuuuck Sat 23-May-20 15:04:04

A girl I met at Nct was the same as you........born full term 8lb!
I was off the scale the whole way through.....warned you expect a MASSIVE baby.....was 9lbs

My consultant said theyre rarely accurate so try not to worry too much xxx

pottypotamus Sat 23-May-20 16:03:32

The fundal height measured by the midwife is extremely inaccurate. As it varies depending on your position, baby's position, how full your bladder is etc. The fundal height is more for comparison over a period of time rather than a one-off measurement.

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