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Possible coarctation of aorta

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Hannahusky Fri 22-May-20 20:13:57

Hey everyone

I am forcing myself not to Google too much as I know that's just masochism!

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and I had a referral to a fetal cardiologist a few weeks ago. Our baby has a slightly enlarged right ventricle and I am due to go back in a few weeks to check over it again, and he will be checked once he is born. He also has a small VSD.

Worst case scenario is coarctation of the aorta. At the moment the aorta doesnt seem to small which is good but that's what we have been prepared for in terms of worst case. My husband's family have lots of people who have heart issues and who live perfectly good lives. I don't think they have been congenital but from what I can see this type of defect isn't always found and people sometimes go years without ever knowing about it.

Pretty much all I would like to ask for is anyone's experiences if they have gone through similar. Any good advice?

Thank you

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Emberfoot Fri 22-May-20 23:06:22

We are having a baby with AVSD and HLHS. This means basically septal defects and one side of the heart (the left) has not grown at all. All I have to suggest is any questions you have, write them down and take the list to fetal med. You will def forget some otherwise. Also see if there's a charity for your baby's specific issues (for our HLHS we are in touch with Little Hearts Matter). They are a great source of advice and other parents can help support you without you having to Google and getting all sorts of mixed info. Finally, just a hug to say I understand how you prob feel rn, and fingers crossed yours turns out to be on the easily fixed end of the spectrum. Love to you and family, and hope you get the support you need. X

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