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Positive test after a MC last year..

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Tilly28282 Fri 22-May-20 19:43:15

Hi everyone I had a MC last year at 7 weeks. I'm due on tomorrow but had slight brown spotting Tuesday when I wiped. This for me isn't normal as I never have spotting before a period. I took a test Wednesday and then one again yesterday and today.. I'm pretty sure they're positive. But I feel like I'm in denial and that it's not so calm and in my head I'm not pregnant. Has anyone else felt like this?

Harper04 Sat 23-May-20 09:37:49

@Tilly28282 Hey! I’m so sorry to hear about your loss flowers. I had a MC in March of this year and it was awful. I know exactly how you’re feeling - I’m 11dpo today had a faint line yesterday and another faint line today and I don’t know how to feel about it! Having slight cramps too. I’m scared to get excited but we need to stay positive 😘 How many dpo are you?

Tilly28282 Sat 23-May-20 10:27:12

@Harper04 Really sorry to hear about that, it really is an awful time 😟 I think I'm 13 dpo, my period was due today but hasn't come. You must be just a couple of days behind me! I got a faint positive Wednesday 10 dpo and have had positives since.. I think. Fingers crossed for you, have you had any other symptoms? In my head I just don't believe it. I feel they may be postive now but won't stay postive like something will happen. I was devastated when I had my MC and think it's affected me more than I knew

Harper04 Sat 23-May-20 10:58:13

@Tilly28282 That’s amazing! Sounds really positive for you 😍🤞🏼 I’m 11dpo today, I just don’t want to get too excited to be very disappointed again. I’ve felt quite nauseous and everything smells bad but that’s the only other symptoms I’ve had! I’m cramping a little today so I’m very anxious. Don’t worry I feel the same, I feel like I won’t believe it until I get the positive on clear blue digital which so far has been negative 😞 I really hope these pregnancies are healthy and happy for us 🙌🏼

Tilly28282 Sat 23-May-20 16:45:17

@Harper04 I think it does, but I don't feel positive. Its so confusing in my head. Yeah I think that's how I feel, don't want to get excited and attached especially after previous MC it's scary. When are you due on? When are you planning to do a clear blue? Me too, I've got my fingers crossed for you. I know exactly how you're feeling x

Tilly28282 Sat 23-May-20 16:45:47

@Harper04 also do you have a picture of your test? I have mine but can't upload as I only made my account yesterday 😩

Hagster Sat 23-May-20 16:51:52

Hi both, tentative congratulations on your positive tests, fingers crossed for you both. Worrying is completely understandable, I had a MMC last August and I'm now 20 weeks pregnant, I have had an absolute rollercoaster and no doubt will continue to! I hope you get what you want. ⁣

There's a thread I'd recommend joining, for women who are pregnant after miscarriage, we support one another and listen, it's a lovely group:

2020wish Sat 23-May-20 20:21:17

Hey I’m am also pregnant again after having a mc in April. I am 12dpo and got my first positive at 10dpo and digital positive on clear blue yesterday. Still getting af style cramps every now and again and cannot stop worrying. Need to stay positive . Congrats on ur positive

Harper04 Sat 23-May-20 20:43:57

@Hagster Hey! Congrats on your pregnancy ❤️ Did you experience cramps? Thanks for that link, as soon as I miss AF (hopefully) I will join the thread.

@wish2020 hey! So sorry to hear about your loss 😞 But congrats on your BFP! I hope I get my clear blue digital positive tomorrow, I had negative this morning but positive on 3 brands! I’m having cramps too, it’s so worrying. It’s nice having people to talk too on here!

2020wish Sat 23-May-20 20:47:33

I remember the cramps with my last pregnancy but it’s still worrying

Hagster Sat 23-May-20 21:17:15

@Harper04 oh yes plenty of cramps, especially early on. I was so worried it was a sign of bad things. But it wasn't. It's so normal and understandable to have those anxieties and to analyse every little feeling/absence of feeling you have, when you've been through what you have x

Tilly28282 Sat 23-May-20 22:13:23

@Hagster Thank you I'll have a look! X

@2020wish Congratulations on your positive! I've been having some light cramps too, I know this can be very normal so try not to worry too much. You must be the day behind me! I haven't done a clear blue yet or a test today I'm going to wait until Monday now x

@Harper04 Fingers crossed for you tomorrow x

Harper04 Sat 23-May-20 22:38:23

@Hagster that’s made me feel so much better!! I feel like it’s going to be a loooong wait until the 12 week scan when I can relax 😢 How are you feeling now half way? 🥰

@tilly28282 thank you! I will update you tomorrow x

EEJMP Sun 24-May-20 06:22:37

I’m nearly 5 weeks after a miscarriage (partial mole) in February at 13 weeks! Feeling apprehensive as this pregnancy happened before we were told not to try by the hospital confused. I’m having a scan at six weeks. Is anyone else having an early scan or has any experience of this?
I’m sorry for everyone’s losses, it is so nerve wracking getting a positive after a loss!

Hagster Sun 24-May-20 07:24:39

@Harper04 glad it helped! I'm doing ok thank you, my anxiety is now more about 'can I feel kicking or was that wind' 😂 and 'will the 20 week scan be ok' (it's this week). But as time goes on, I'm definitely more hopeful and less anxious. And talking to people on here who've had similar experiences has been very helpful! ⁣

@EEJMP I had a scan at 5 weeks via the EPU because I was so worried about my cramps (they were very sympathetic and basically did the scan to reassure me), they then did a follow up at 7 weeks to check it had progressed. It was a bit of a nervous wait as after 5 they said it was a 'pregnancy of uncertain viability' which I googled and freaked myself out about but which the midwife later told me basically just means it's too early to call a 'certain' one yet! I booked myself a private scan at 10 weeks because my last pregnancy stopped growing at 9 weeks (but I didn't find out until 12 week scan). I'm so glad I got the 10 week one as that was a real milestone for me, but I know others who have preferred not to, and to just wait and see. I haven't had any extras since. I think it has to be a personal choice but there's no shame in having them, especially when you've been through this experience. Just also don't read too much into medical terms when it's early!

EEJMP Sun 24-May-20 08:52:38

@Hagster thanks for the reply, those two weeks must have felt soo long! My scans a week Monday so trying not to think about it too much (easier said than done)! If all goes well hopefully I’ll be offered another before twelve weeks 🤞🏻.
Enjoy your twenty week scan, I remember it being so magical with my first and made it feel so real!

Harper04 Sun 24-May-20 11:01:40

@EEJMP Sorry about your MC flowers but glad to see your pregnant again! How exciting! I’m waiting to miss my AF (hopefully) in 2 days and then I’m going to ring my DRs as I’m so anxious! I may even pay for a private one if they won’t give me one, it’ll be peace at mind! It’s so hard to distract yourself with needing to stay at home but just try pamper yourself and watch some good TV ( obsessed with Disney +) and a week Monday will come quick 🤞🏼 I’m going to try a clear blue digital later so hopeeeefully this time it will show my positive.

@Hagster Ahh you must be so so excited for your 20 week scan! Are you going to find out the sex? Yeah I’m finding these forums to be so helpful. Especially as I don’t want to tell anyone this time until quite far on after my MC in March. X

Tilly28282 Sun 24-May-20 20:18:59

So I did a clear blue test today.. Pregnant 2-3 weeks! I can't believe it.. Its going to take some time to sink in I think!

@Harper04 have you don't your clear blue today? Got my fingers crossed for you x

@EEJMP sorry to hear about your loss sad and congrats on the pregnancy! That's good that you've got an early scan, I think it will help settle your mind and keep you positive. I had an early scan with my MC as I was bleeding. I'm going to book a scan around private at around 7 weeks as I feel too anxious to wait until 12 weeks! X

Harper04 Sun 24-May-20 22:55:49

@Tilly28282 Yay!!! So happy for you! I also had my “pregnant” on the clear blue digital!! I’m going to pop out tomorrow and get the one that displays the weeks! I can’t believe it! I’m trying not to get my hopes up until AF date has passed which I think is in 2-3 days. I’ve been quite crampy today but definitely different cramps to AF. How are you feeling?

Hagster Mon 25-May-20 07:47:07

@Tilly28282 @Harper04 really excited for you both, gentle congratulations!

@Harper04 I'm simultaneously excited and nervous for the scan, don't think I'll ever be fully just excited for scans again, but tentatively looking forward to seeing it. If all goes well, we're keeping the sex a surprise. DH wants that and I'm not fussed so surprise it is! I think it'll be quite nice to find out at the birth ☺️

Harper04 Mon 25-May-20 08:50:54

@Hagster I know how you feel! I’m definitely going to book an early private! Aww that’ll be lovely, I wish I had the willpower to wait. I may try 😂 When is your due date? I’m feeling so thirsty the last two days! Drinking lots but always feeling dry!

EEJMP Mon 25-May-20 14:11:46

Congratulations @Tilly28282 and @Harper04 👌.

It’s funny how phoning the midwife/gp feels a bit scary isn’t it, like declaring it will somehow affect the outcome?

I’ve been feeling really really thirsty as well since I found out, can’t drink enough water. Feeling very very nauseous in the mornings!

Harper04 Mon 25-May-20 19:43:31

@EEJMP thank you!! ❤️ I know .. I know it’s just a coincidence but I rang the doctors last time as soon as I got my positive and then it didn’t turn out great so I almost feel worried to do it stupidly! I may wait a bit..

I started a thread February 2021 babies :

EEJMP Mon 01-Jun-20 11:45:14

I had my six week scan today and all looked good, baby measuring correctly and saw the heartbeat 👌. Going to have fortnightly reassurance scans until 12 weeks!

How is everyone else getting on?

Harper04 Mon 01-Jun-20 21:43:09

@EEJMP I’m so so pleased for you!!! GP told me to ring back closer to the end of this week to book in for a 6 week reassurance scan, 5 weeks today. I’m feeling okay - was quite crampy for a few days which has gone now but my symptoms are very on and off which are worrying me! How are you feeling?

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