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Did you ache more with your 2nd (or subsequent) pregnancies??

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papaya Thu 20-Sep-07 09:05:33

Morning Ladies I am currently 14+1 (dc2) and for the past 2-3 weeks I have been suffering mainly down my right hand side with a dull ache and sometimes sharp pains. Sometimes i get it on the left side the odd time but consistanlty on my right. I also find it uncomfortable when I sit down and I can't really explain the feeling i get but its kind of erm, high up inside feels tender....would that be my cervix???

Round ligament pain and "its normal aches and pains in pregnancy" was mentioned by my midwife, but I just wondered why it would hurt so much if my ligaments have already stretched once before with no pain at all iyswim?

btw have had 2 scans and all looks normal so wouldnt be ectopic xx

spugs Thu 20-Sep-07 12:44:28

hiya, im onto baby number 3 and im definitly more achy earlier. i feel like i did at 20 + weeks and im 14

RobbiesGirl Thu 20-Sep-07 15:53:59

Just wondered if anyone could help me....i am 25 weeks pregnant, with my second child (first was a girl and this time i am having a boy)...i have had one miscarriage at 13 weeks before my first child, and i have been put on the sick by my doctor for 6 weeks, although he doesn't think i will be going back to work this side of me having the baby, as i was having aching in my lower tummy and back, so he made me lie on the bed and he felt my tummy and listened to the baby, which everything was fine, and he said it was probably the baby lying funny, so i mentioned it to my midwife to be sure, as she might know a bit more, but she just agreed, and said also it could be that my little girl was less than a year old when i concieved this time, and that my body didn't have the chance to recover from my first pregnancy. but now, i am still having the pains, and also now in my back passage, sometimes the pains are sharp sometimes they are dull like an ache, paracetamol work for a while, but i seem to be living on them, i amhaving sleepless nights because of the pain, and am worried something is wrong with me....and hoping i am just being paranoid, (which i have a tendancy of being anyway) and that i just have piles, trapped wind and my ligaments are stretching, as i cannot walk anywhere for long periods of time(by long i mean 20 minutes) as i get aches and pains in my side.....please can someone advise me and put my mind at rest as it's really getting me down and depressed....thanks all for reading my boring complaints.....

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