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early pregnancy bleeding non stop for 6 weeks

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thomasomalleycat Thu 21-May-20 21:18:47

Hi all,

So I'm just looking for advice/reassurance/others' experiences. I'm 11 weeks pregnant, first time being pregnant and I've been spotting/bleeding since 6 weeks (I know its super common but can't find threads about it lasting this long!).

gory details - it started off as brown egg whitey discharge, I called the GP and got a scan, babys heartbeat looked strong and everything was fine and they said it would settle. It then turned to red blood so I called again and they basically said they're only seeing emergencies and its probably fine. I then got the occasional clot and some cramps and rang a third time probably week 10 and they again said they won't see me because they're only seeing emergencies and if i bleed through more than one pad an hour to call back which isn't happening. A pad is lasting me most of the day.

I just feel a bit ignored which is obviously not the case in a pandemic, I understand that I'm a worrier and I struggle with anxiety so I'm probably just being a bit panicky but I feel like I've been on my period for nearly 6 weeks now and its getting a bit ridiculous!

Any advice, comments, anything is welcome at this stage!

Thanks in advance xox

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poozel Thu 21-May-20 21:22:19

That's really rubbish OP. Have you tried calling EPU direct or even a private scan to see what's what.

I have twice had a subchronic hematoma which caused bleeding in early pregnancy. That was picked up at an early scan though.

Is your next scan next week?

PeterPomegranate Thu 21-May-20 21:28:27

Ok. I did have this. From 6 weeks until about 12 weeks I had a small amount of bleeding pretty continuously. I had a clot at 8 weeks that sent me into a tailspin. I had scans at 6 weeks and 8 weeks that didn’t find any reason for bleeding and pregnancy progressing as normal. My 9 year old is on the sofa next to me right now. Of course I can’t know what’s going on in your case but I hope it’s the same for you xx

thomasomalleycat Thu 21-May-20 21:57:07

Yeah I phoned EPU direct the second time I rang @poozel - I’ve got my scan next week and we couldn’t afford a private scan unfortunately - we’d moved just before corona lockdown so starting work has been postponed!

At my scan she did say I had a small ‘something’ on my left ovary but said it was so small it was barely worth mentioning so maybe it got bigger but other than that everything was fine apparently. Xx

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thomasomalleycat Thu 21-May-20 21:58:51

Thanks for sharing your story too @PeterPomegranate - that does give me a bit of hope!

My morning sickness hasn’t been too bad, I usually get it at night and manage to sleep it off so maybe this is just nature’s way of giving me a pregnancy symptom haha x

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PeterPomegranate Thu 21-May-20 22:01:29

I didn’t have pregnancy sickness either. I did wonder if my progesterone levels were a bit low.

I have everything crossed for you.

mintich Thu 21-May-20 22:02:37

I bled all the way through my first pregnancy. There was an bleed in the wall of my uterus so every time I grew a bit more, it stretched and bled. I was forever being checked at the hospital!

CostaCosta Thu 21-May-20 22:22:53

I had bleeding throughout my first pregnancy and everything turned out fine. I really wish you well, I was so happy to be pregnant but would constantly check for bleeding.

Peanut870 Thu 21-May-20 23:05:58

Hi OP, sorry you're going through this. I am too and feel quite alone! I've been bleeding constantly from 5+4 and now I'm 10 weeks. It is so terrifying, isn't it! I've had every single colour, every single flow, small clots, big clots, gushing, seems like everything! Sorry for tmi! I had a scan at 8 weeks and all they said was that there was a heartbeat and everything was fine. Now waiting for 12 week scan.
Glad your morning sickness hasn't been too bad!
Please do keep us updated! Here to talk xx

thomasomalleycat Fri 22-May-20 09:03:06

Thankyou for all your messages - unfortunately I miscarried last night but it was completely different from the bleeding so I can see the difference between them now!

Had a huge gush of clear pink fluid and lots of cramping and took myself to A&E, they sent me home after an ECG and checking that I was okay and then when I got home I was covered in blood, soaked through my knickers, leggings and all down my legs. I rang EPU and they said to come straight in and confirmed a miscarriage after a vaginal exam where they removed some of the ‘tissue’. I’ve got another scan today at 2pm to check it’s all gone but thought I’d keep everyone updated and leave this comment here for others who may be worried about the bleeding throughout - definitely not to scare anyone but just to see the difference between bleeding/spotting throughout and the miscarriage. Obviously every pregnancy is different but just wanted to let people know. Thanks so much for all your comments though, mumsnet has been a real life line throughout this xxxx

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Peanut870 Fri 22-May-20 09:56:20

Oh @thomasalleycat, I'm so incredibly sorry to hear that flowers

Thank you for sharing your experience. I will be thinking of you today. Take care of yourself flowers

PeterPomegranate Fri 22-May-20 21:54:44

I’m so very sorry @thomasomalleycat I hope you’re ok.

Sh4zzy Fri 22-May-20 23:35:10

Hi ladies,
Reading thesw threads is very reassuring so im hoping someone can help or reassure me. I am about 4weeks pregnant and started bleeding. Started with dark brown spotting and then as days went on progressed to quite a lot of blood and clots. I have rang the EPU a few time finally they got me in for a scan. It was too early so they said come back in two wks. My bleeding has got worse and a lot more clots and cramping now too. Rang EPU and they still said wait because my pad is is not soaking with blood in an hr. My pad lasts me a few hrs so they dont want to see me. Im crapping myself as i had a miscarriage about 3 years ago. Anyone here to reassure me?? I just want an answer am i having a miscarriage or not. Seems the EPU or midwives dnt have an answer nd kp saying keep an eye in it. Please help!!

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