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3 stone weight gain

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Valentinx Thu 21-May-20 16:58:48

Hi ladies,

Just feeling a bit miserable, I'm 36 weeks and have gained 3 stone over the course of my pregnancy. I dont have scales at home and was weighed for the first time since my booking at my app this week. I knew i'd put on alot, but i didn't realise that much! I feel it's all in my face, arms and thighs. None of my clothes fit me even maternity bits that I had originally bought!

It's been bothering me for a while but seeing the actual amount has just made me feel low the last few days. Of course the most important thing is me and baby are healthy, im so grateful to be pregnant and I know this might be considered a petty and vain issue to some. I just feel like a stranger in my own body at the moment! Just wanted a vent and to see if anyone feels the same xx

WhatWouldPennyDo Thu 21-May-20 17:24:30

Sorry to hear you’re feeling down.

My sister put on almost 5 stone (she’s only 5’2!!) and a friend of mine over 4. Perhaps not ideal, but it certainly does happen to people.

toomuchteaandcake Thu 21-May-20 17:27:22

You are definitely not alone, and don't forget that includes baby and all associated detritus!

SquidgyPeach Fri 22-May-20 08:58:33

I've also gained three stone 37w now and I too feel it's all in my face, thighs, arms also my calves and bum. I feel like I've been pumped up! I was a size 8 when I got pregnant and I'm now a 12.

Unfortunately I can't really offer much advice as I'm pretty miserable about it too! But you're not alone, not long to go now and hopefully it will just drop of us. fingers crossed

My weight gain seems to have tapered a bit these past few weeks though so hopefully I don't gain much more.

TTC2019xx Fri 22-May-20 09:07:10

I’m 30 weeks and 11 and a half stone so hoping to only gain another half a stone max by 39 weeks!

Valentinx Fri 22-May-20 12:50:56

So glad to hear from you all as much as its rubbish that we're all feeling this way it definitely does make me feel better to know i'm not alone! Yes @SquidgyPeach I'm the same all the weights gone on in the exact same places as you!

I've definitely not been watching what I eat but I genuinely dont feel that I've been eating that badly or excessively more than I would usually, which makes me feel even more annoyed about it haha! I don't feel like lock down has helped though, probably the lack of exercise though I'm still trying to get out for a walk every day.

LH1987 Fri 22-May-20 13:07:20

Snap - Im 36 + 1 and weighed myself this morning and have put on 3 stone. Ofcourse, I had a brief sobbing session, now I have decided not to care and just really diet after the birth. I assume at least a stone of that will be baby and fluid etc......if not please no one correct me!

SquidgyPeach Fri 22-May-20 14:32:16

Certainly not great, and I'm actually considered overweight now based on my bmi I'm '4kgs over the upper bound' for pregnancy weight gain. So not feeling too happy about It, I've barely wanted to leave the house these past few months tbh I feel like a beast.

I haven't eat all that bad I don't feel, in the beginning more so with the HG, once that went though I mostly went back to how I eat before, which wasn't bad.

I think the shock was that with my first I was pretty small bump wise and didn't really gain all that much elsewhere, bounced back super easy too. This pregnancy has been quite different, I was anxious about the weight gain as well. I've just kind of accepted it now, I'm also hoping some of the leg gain is water retention grin

Does make me feel better to know there are others out there going through the same though smile

LifeInAHamsterWheel Fri 22-May-20 14:36:43

This popped up on the 'Active' list and I just wanted to say not to worry! My youngest chid is now almost 10 and I put on 3 stone when pregnant with her. She was 9 pounds so that might have been something to do with it! Then there's the plancenta, all the water plus the water retention all over (I remember I could only wear flip flops the last month of my pregnancy!) Do try to get as much walking in between now and baby's arrival (it will help with the birth as well as the weight!) but don't stress about your weight it will come off when you're dashing around with a newborn! Best of luck flowers

Sprintfinish Fri 22-May-20 14:45:39

I put on 2.5 stone with DS1 and had lost most of it by the time he was 5 months. When he was 10m I'd lost almost a stone from the weight I was when I found out I was pregnant. I just didn't have time to sit and snack the way I used too once he was born.

I'm now 32w pregnant and I'm already approaching the 2.5 stone weight on mark. I think lockdown has added to it this time, and not being as active in pregnancy as it's harder going for a walk pushing a buggy! I'm hoping with 2 under 2 I won't have time to eat junk food at all once baby here as it's all I want to do just now!!

ChipsAreLife Fri 22-May-20 15:02:48

Honestly try not to worry. I gained four stone with my first. I had lost 2.5 stone what I got home (I had a lot of water they said)! Rest of it came off fairly quickly with breastfeeding and walking!

Second pregnancy 10 months after first 😬gained 3.5 stone was a stone lighter than pre pregnancy when baby was 8 months.

Third time ... I'm up about 1st 9lbs at 24 weeks. I've been exercising but can only stand to eat carbs as feel sick most of the time. Thighs and arse are huge as is bump!

It will come off, try not to put any pressure on yourself. It's hard in lockdown being pregnant

Gimmecaffeine Fri 22-May-20 15:05:44

I put on nearly 3 stone. I was totally shocked how quickly my weight dropped after birth, and in the following months. I breastfed and this helped with the last stone, but most of the rest just vanished. It must have been fluid etc.

AnneLovesGilbert Fri 22-May-20 15:09:36

My friend has two DC. She’s usually tiny, really slim. First time she ate everything in sight and gained 5 stone, lost it all in 6 months while continuing to eat everything as she was famished from breastfeeding.

Second time around she was incredibly careful with her diet and put on...5 stone. Again lost it all in under 6 months. She just carries big. After both pregnancies she got back to size 8 and very lean.

Natalie654321 Fri 22-May-20 15:09:49

I was a size 10 before pregnancy and 9 stone.. By the end of my pregnancy I was 11 and a half stone. It took a while to lose some of the weight, and at 8 months post partem I was finally able to fit into my old jeans!! It will come off eventually, it might take time. Its the one time in your life when you shouldn't worry about how much weight you put on (in me eyes 😂😂)

strawbmilk Fri 22-May-20 15:23:58

I put on 2 stone with my second baby. I got on the scales the morning of my CS and then again 2 days later and was expecting a huge loss. I was 2lb lighter. DS was 7lb!!!!!!!

It was only after a week the weight started to come off but it did quickly initially and then plateaued.

DS is now 5m and I'm below the weight I was when I got pregnant. I was worried about lockdown and not being as active but I've actually shifted half a stone....

The body is a weird and wonderful.

Good luck with your baby & don't worry it will come off!

FireflyGirl Fri 22-May-20 17:29:13

I put on 4.5 stone by the time I had DS at 38 weeks. I'd only put on a stone in the first 6 months, so most of that was in the last 10 weeks. A lot of it was water retention.

As long as you're eating healthily, don't worry too much about what number is on the scales until baby is at least 6 months!

milney25 Fri 22-May-20 19:11:29

I'm also worrying about weight gain. I lost 4lb in the two weeks before I found out I was pregnant, and I wish I hadn't now because it's making me feel even worse 🙈

I'm just over 18 weeks, and have gained about 12lb! If I hadn't lost those pesky 4lb, I'd be up 8 😂.

I presume lockdown is also making it worse, but need to cut out those snacks

Valentinx Fri 22-May-20 20:05:57

Thank you for your replies everyone! Genuinely feeling much better especially the stories about how it can possibly be water retention, going to cross my fingers thats the case and that it comes off easily lol, for all of us! xxx

Togepi Sat 23-May-20 21:46:01

I'm 34 weeks and have put on 2.5 stone. I'm only 5'3! It all seems to be baby and bump - lots of people have commented that I look extremely pregnant but the rest of my body looks the same as pre-pregnancy. You might find that more of your 3 stone is fluid, baby, placenta etc than you think, rather than fat... X

MamaBearThius Sun 24-May-20 15:40:41

38 weeks this week and I've put on 4 and a bit. Shall we set up a group/support/mutual kick up the bum thing for weight loss after?

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