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Frustration with partner and home

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AnxiousKerry Thu 21-May-20 15:27:17

Not sure if it's just lock down blues. Im currently in the last few weeks of pregnancy and I'm just so frustrated.
I'm so tired all the time and spend the day cleaning, washing and doing the washing up. This and trying to keep a toddler entertained.

Last night I came downstairs to make a drink to find partner and sons pizza dinner stuff all over the kitchen and living room and had to tidy up and do the washing up before bed because it stunk.

I've tried leaving it and going on strike but this results in me trying to make a drink or dinner and having no plates or pans etc to do anything with.

I love my partner. And would never leave him. But I'm struggling here. I've told him I'm struggling. I have spd and every now and again I'll do so much I'll have to lay in bed aNd force myself to sleep to get the ache to go away. Feel like crying all the time. I can't believe he's being so bloody unhelpful this pregnancy. I've debated moving back to my parents for the remainder of this pregnancy 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 just so I can catch a break.

At my wit's end and dont know what to do. He's working and I'm not. So I feel bad if I moan. But Christ. Wash up every now and again.

Anyone else struggling with their partners ATM?

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lockdownpregnancy Thu 21-May-20 16:48:50

Now this isn't advice by any stretch but I'd play him at his own game and do nothing and see what he says then. Clearly this is beyond childish but sometimes we need to play them at their own game. 😝
The other thing is to cry uncontrollably until it finally makes him realise how you feel. Again, not the most sound advice in the world but whilst I too love my DH dearly, sometimes until I actually go into melt down he just thinks everything is fine, despite me telling him otherwise.
Now the sensible advice is to sit down with your DH and explain to him exactly how you feel and that you need a little more help in the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Whilst he is working, it is a selfish of him just to not consider you and how you're struggling.
I hope you sort it out! 🤞

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