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Back pain 4/5weeks pregnant.

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Soozbuck Wed 20-May-20 22:35:57

Hi ladies,
I recently found out I am pregnant, I am unsure how many weeks exactly as my periods were irregular. Although I think I am around 4 or 5 weeks.

I have really uncomfortable lower back pain on my right side, I’ve tried stretches, warm bath and a warm heat pack however it doesn’t seem to ease off.
I’m getting worried now, is this normal?

Does anyone have any tips to help ease the pain
This is my first pregnancy.
I’m having other symptoms such as nausea later in the day, fatigue and sooo much gas 🙈😂

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you xx

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U2020 Sun 24-May-20 03:54:42

Omg i an up all night googling as i am thr exactl same 4 weeks and it started 2 days ago right side only. Very annoying
Mine is around hip and lower back on right side. My first pregnancy. Any update did youes go away xxx

U2020 Sun 24-May-20 03:56:07

Ps its 4 am my eyes are blurry sorry for spelling mistakes grin

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