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Bump measuring big - 31 weeks - annoyed at midwife

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HairsprayBabe Wed 20-May-20 22:03:41

31 weeks with fist baby and went in for appointment today bump measurement was on the 97th percentile.

Midwife immediately suggested if growth continues this on this line that I go in for induction at 38 weeks.

This really annoyed me. I am 28, in good health have only gained 20lbs so far and was a 22 BMI pre-pregnancy as well as being reasonably tall myself. I don't have gestational diabetes or any other complications. I told her I wouldn't be going for induction unless medically essential and she looked at me like I was an idiot.

The ladies in my family tend to have babies on the bigger side and when I told her this she brushed it away like it made no difference. Surely women have bigger babies fairly regularly without intervention?

So irritated that her immediate reaction was oh you will definitely want to induce at 38 weeks without seeing how I felt about it first. Especially considering this is all based on bump measurements not even a growth scan which I know can be inaccurate!!!

Anyone else had midwife suggest induction for LGA as soon as it is noticed?

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TastingTheRainbow Thu 21-May-20 01:40:44

Induction isn’t even recommended on NICE guidelines for LGA when confirmed via growth scan. Sounds like she’s talking rubbish.

LivingThatLockdownLife Thu 21-May-20 01:46:22

They try to induce everyone these days. Don't worry.

loubert89 Thu 21-May-20 06:36:10

I'm 30, with a BMI of 37 and my bump also measured in the 97th centile; my midwife said it was all fine and unless he suddenly goes against that now that they are happy for me to not need any growth scans. She also didn't mention anything about being induced early.

Hopefulbride18 Thu 21-May-20 06:47:56

That’s absolutely ridiculous your right! Stick to your guns, don’t worry she wouldn’t be able to just arrange that anyway you’d need a scan and to discuss with a doctor first I think. Talking about Induction at 38 weeks at this point seems crazy.

TwinkleStars15 Thu 21-May-20 07:14:49

Ridiculous, they seem to want to induce you for everything these days! I completely refused an induction despite being ‘told’ to have one, baby came naturally at 39+3. Been told to have an induction this time round too - I told them to stick it where the sun don’t shine (but a bit more politely) smile

HairsprayBabe Thu 21-May-20 08:20:23

As soon as I measured big at 28 weeks I thought they might suggest it later down the line but I was hmm that it was brought up so early.

I think I will just tell them to shove it unless there is an actual medical need, not just size or dates.

Anyone know why they are so keen on induction when birth outcomes for the mother are worse off with one (when there is no pressing medical need)

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Honeybee85 Thu 21-May-20 08:24:50

I had an induction because I insisted on An epidural and it was fine but I still believe it's entirely up to the mother to decide what she wants and what she feels comfortable with. Fwiw my friend was also induced because she had a big baby and she suffered for a few days because labour wouldn't start, then baby got stuck and eventually she ended up having a C section. My thought was she could have waited until Labour started naturally and then directly have a C section instead of unneccesairy suffering.

CoolNoMore Thu 21-May-20 08:35:50

I'm baffled. I agree with a previous poster - they seem to LOVE inductions and I haven't a clue why. Having had one that I did not enjoy... I'll be avoiding another unless they tell me that the baby is in trouble. 'Big' based on bump measurements doesn't seem like any sort of reason.

Whatelsecouldibecalled Thu 21-May-20 08:40:14

I would push for a growth scan to get a more accurate measurement. That way you can make an informed choice. That way if baby is measuring off the charts nearer the end of your pregnancy you can make a cleat and well informed choice.

I had it the other way. My bump consistently measured too small. Every tine was sent for a growth scan and every time he measured bang on 50th percentile. Born at a very normal 7lb 4. (Via an induction but due to ivf at 40+2)

Poppins2016 Thu 21-May-20 08:41:45

I was the opposite and my bump was measuring 30 weeks when I was 40 weeks (I have a long torso...)! Growth scans showed that baby was developing normally and he was born weighing 6 lbs 15 oz.

I wouldn't worry about external measurements, and even growth scans can be inaccurate (my baby was estimated to weigh 7 lbs 10, which was inaccurate...).

Go with your gut instinct. Ask questions - especially "what happens if I do nothing".

Gallacia Thu 21-May-20 08:46:05

My bump measured big from 24 weeks onwards, I was 26, in good health and I gained 20lbs in my entire pregnancy. They still didn't offer me an induction!

Had she arranged for a meeting with a consultant?

dreamingbohemian Thu 21-May-20 08:52:39

I measured at the 99th percentile throughout my 3rd trimester (had three growth scans) but they didn't suggest anything different for me, in fact they were happy to let me go one week overdue. Not sure this was for the best as I ended up with 2 day labour and EMCS because DS was so big (10 lbs) but I would not have wanted early induction either.

They did though agree that they would not attempt forceps delivery with that size, so that may be something you want to discuss. The consultant said it would be dangerous with larger babies.

Badassmama Thu 21-May-20 09:01:33

Going against the grain here- I Never wanted an induction, but I measured big for dates and in hindsight, I actually wish that being induced at 38 weeks had been an option. I went over to 42 weeks and got all of my stretch marks in that last month as he jumped up to the 97th percentile.
I then spent 3 days in hospital being induced and not progressing past early contractions. His heartbeat was tachycardic and I was on near constant monitoring too. Long story short, they ended up doing an emergency c section as he was stuck, the pressure on his head was strong and they were worried he might have an infection due to my waters breaking over 24 hours before he got out (he did and received IV antibiotics and a lumber puncture which was one of the most awful things I have ever seen), which took me so much longer to recover from and has far longer lasting effects on your body than a vaginal birth. He was 9lb 12oz, at my 38wk check/scan he was 8lb 10oz. I feel like if he’d come out at 38wks, it could have been a lot better for us both.

Monkeyseesmonkeydoesnt Thu 21-May-20 09:05:05

I measured big with my first, turns out measurement were incorrect and it was just lots of fluid...try not to worry or let it bother you

MichelleOR84 Thu 21-May-20 09:21:49

My bump was always measuring big . I have no idea what percentage but I was usually 3 weeks ahead when my bump was measured. At no point was it suggested I have an induction .

My boy was an average 3.5 kilo at birth , so not even accurate anyway .

MrsHa Thu 21-May-20 09:34:58

I agree with a PP that you should push for a scan. Midwife measured me well over 95th percentile at 28 week appointment, got sent for a growth scan and baby was showing to them as 60th percentile. Had 31 week yesterday and bump was measured at 80ish percentile which this midwife (different one to 28 week appointment) seemed ok with. The measuring really isn't an exact science.

Letsallscreamatthesistene Thu 21-May-20 09:38:48

I was offered an induction or csection on my due date because my bump measured big.

I went for neither because I wanted things to happen naturally. I ended up having an emergency csection anyway due to failure to progress.

Letsallscreamatthesistene Thu 21-May-20 09:43:01

I should also say my big measurements were completely accurate. They're not always wrong as MN posters would have you believe.

I was also a big baby, so it wasnt a complete shock to me. If I were to do the entire thing again id go for an elective csection (although it depends whats on offer at your hospital).

As my son was so big, the labour failed to progress, both myself and my son ended up with sepsis and had a 6 day stay in hospital afterwards.

If I were you id ask for a scan to inform your choices. Dont immediatly write off induction/csection.

BeMorePacific Thu 21-May-20 09:46:22

My bump measured big, and scans showed I was having a big baby. But they still let me go to 42 weeks. You can decline any intervention, it shouldn’t be an issue. x

namechangeonehundred Thu 21-May-20 10:58:09

Bump measurements often mean nothing, you need a growth scan to determine whether the baby is actually big. Growth scans can also be out but a good tech with a baby who is playing ball can get pretty accurate measurements.
I had a positive induction (other reasons but baby was near 9lb so fairly big) and it was a really easy labour. They're not always terrible but yes I wouldn't have one on the basis of a measurement of my bump. In all pregnancies bump has never measured above 35 weeks but all babies above average weight.

TenThousandSpoons0 Thu 21-May-20 11:44:45

Wow. Your midwife sounds crazy. If she’s worried that baby is measuring too big, then you need a growth scan to start with, not an induction! Assume you’ve had your diabetes test as well?
There is a role for induction for big babies, and certainly for big babies with diabetes, but based on scan measurements not SFH. And only with an obstetrician appointment and a proper discussion of pros and cons so you can choose what’s best for you!

Re your question “why are they so keen on inductions” - part of it is defensive, generally prioritising baby safety over all else even if there’s only a tiny increased risk to baby by carrying on. there is a lot of induction-bashing on MN in general, but they are a very valuable option. there’s pretty good evidence that it doesn’t worsen mother’s physical outcomes at all and may actually help (eg- Lower rates of CS with induction, no change to rate of instrumental deliveries, etc). So I think sometimes the thought from medical people is why not? But Less priority seems to be given to Mum’s experience of birth and perhaps therefore psychological outcomes - induction is obviously a very different experience from what people may have imagined for their birth. And I’m constantly amazed at how many women don’t seem to be offered proper discussion and the assumption that they can’t decide for themselves.

Sorry for rambling on! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy (and with putting up with that midwife!)

Fedhimtotigers Thu 21-May-20 12:01:36

I was pushed for an induction by a consultant because my baby was measuring 9.7lb on the growth scan.

I got very frustrated in the end and asked him what the hell the problem was considering this was my third and 1 was 9lb1 and the other was 9lb7 and both were delivered in a MLU without a scratch.

It's ridiculous. I was lucky to have midwives who backed me up and fought my corner. I'm also thankful I encountered this Dr on my third so was much more confident in my rights.

Your no is the last line. Nothing happens to your body without your consent.

Fedhimtotigers Thu 21-May-20 12:02:15

Also that baby was 9lb6 labour was recorded at 1 hour 6 and she was born in the pool. I was home in three hours.

viques Thu 21-May-20 12:08:08

Sounds as though the midwife was only raising this as a possibility, you have got a way to go yet so take it as information about possible options/outcomes. She was not standing over you with a scalpel.

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