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Low rising HCG and nothing on scan

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LaurenSarah22 Wed 20-May-20 20:51:06

Can anybody shed some light or their experience if they have been through it themselves.

So I went for a scan monday I think I was around 6w. Nothing at all was seen on the scan so I had my hcg checked which was 738. The dr said thats in the middle range for 5w. So I had more bloods repeated today so nearly 47 hrs in between and they were 1172. The Dr wants to repeat my scan tomorrow and if it still shows nothing they are thinking about a laparoscopy.

However... this is a big however I'm going to refuse the surgery as the same hospital done this operation which my first pregnancy which they also thought was ectopic because nothing was on the scan. Turns out it wasnt ectopic and I had a miscarriage 2 days later.

I'm not having any pains or bleeding however I dont feel pregnant like I did with my daughter. I'm having another scan tomorrow and I should be around 6.5 weeks.

Any thoughts??

Oh and I go a 2nd opinion from another hospital, she said I shouldn't have the surgery either and with the numbers I provided her she reckons it's a 28% chance of a ectopic ( apparently they work of a numbers system and thats what its came back as )

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