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Am I over thinking ?? Stomach flu?

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nch2020 Wed 20-May-20 20:18:18


Strange one, but I thought this was my best place to come?

So I’ve missed my period in April and no sign of mays (as of yet) but I do sometimes just don’t have periods some months. I am also not using any contraception but not actively trying for a child, but the news would be amazing. (I don’t know why I feel like I’m saying the wrong things on here - I don’t want to offend anyone sad )

I’ve been feeling SO poorly since Saturday just gone. I woke up with the most tender and sore breasts ever, normally I come on my period that day/day after when I get tender breasts but no sign 5 days later.

I’ve woke up following day feeling so nauseous, body aches, can smell EVERYTHING, cannot eat due to feeling sick but I’m still starving, I’ve been so tired this past week, and I’ve had a sore sensitive stomach (haven’t been to the toilet for a couple days but today had loose bowels (tmi sorry)

There is every chance I could be pregnant , and if I was it was about 2 weeks ago, I really don’t know if my signs are way too early, am I just over thinking?

I took a test Saturday (not sure why had an urge) and also took a first response test today (midday) wee was quite weak - both came back negative. And I’m gutted.

Everything I’ve researched is either saying I have a stomach flu / gastric flu or I am pregnant.

Has anyone else had these signs early on and thought they had stomach flu / pregnant and got confused? These negative results are throwing me off, people always say when you’re pregnant you “know” you just feel pregnant, and right now I just feel something “off” not off but something just I’ve never felt before?

Are false negatives common? Was my wee too weak? My mind is going crazy and I can’t stop thinking.

Can people give me their opinions please, this is obviously my first time I have experienced anything like this / feelings , and I feel like I have no one to turn to, so I thought I would ask anonymously because I feel stupid for asking.(haha)


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