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Bleeding after 12 week scan

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Pregnancyworrier13 Wed 20-May-20 17:52:05

Hi all wonderful people who could possibly reassure me...

I am currently 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant and yesterday I attended my first dating scan. Everything was perfectly normal and I could finally spread the word that we are expecting... however... within 2 hours of me having my scan (wasn’t a vaginal scan may I add) I ended up suffering with bleeding which wasn’t heavy but wasn’t light... was in between mild and moderate. Was causing a little bit of cramping but to be honest I felt sore on my tummy due to the scan anyway as she was quite forceful on my tummy. I had panicked of course as I haven’t bled at all during this first trimester and I went up to the early pregnancy unit and they refused to scan me until the bleeding got heavier and I passed clots!!! They were however able to check my cervix and said it’s closed which is suppose to be a good sign but was still classed as a threatened miscarriage. They sent me on my way and I kept bleeding every time I walked and went for a wee but not enough to cover a whole pad. My bleeding eventually stopped on the evening and I called back this morning about me getting a scan to check everything is ok but from what they told me was that they will not scan me and take it as everything is fine, I can only have a scan if i start bleeding heavy etc. I think this is disgusting as I had a missed miscarriage last year and obviously I am going out my mind as I cannot announce my pregnancy until I know for sure everything is ok. The nurse did say that she saw my cervix was raw and I was bleeding actually from cervix so I have no idea what that means. I have booked a scan this Friday privately because I can’t go on and be happy until I know for sure but if anyone could advise me on what I’ve experienced this would be much appreciated x

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Fannysyouraunt93 Wed 20-May-20 18:46:28

So sorry you’re having this experience. I had excellent care with my last pregnancy. They scanned me at a similar gestation to you despite only having had my 12 week scan a couple of days previously. Is there another EPU nearby you could try? I agree, I think it’s dreadful leaving you in limbo. Cruel in fact. I really hope you manage to get seen.

Pregnancyworrier13 Wed 20-May-20 19:19:25

Hi Hun, did you have a good outcome or? And nope they’re all saying the same thing... I have paid for a private scan now so just have to wait until friday

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Fannysyouraunt93 Wed 20-May-20 19:53:27

Yes! Baby was absolutely fine. Sorry forgot to add. I’m pleased you’ve managed to get a private one. I’m seething for you though. I think it’s criminal to leave someone so vulnerable in such mental anguish!

Pregnancyworrier13 Wed 20-May-20 21:09:11

@Fannysyouraunt93 I know it’s disgusting isn’t it. Did you have any bleeding similar to mine or? I just want to try compare I know everyone is different but just trying to understand why they sent me away

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AlviesMam Thu 21-May-20 17:51:11

@Pregnancyworrier13 two hours after my 12 week scan I had brown bleeding for three - four days. EPU told me to ignore it and it could have been the pressure from the probe. I'm now 16 weeks and had a scan yesterday and everything is fine. Sometimes it can happen. Hope tomorrow goes okay x

Pregnancyworrier13 Thu 21-May-20 17:54:58

@AlviesMam really? See the difference is mine was fresh blood like a period, but that’s reassuring that you had a similar experience. I have been trying to read up so many things as to why this could happen but everything is either ‘spotting’ and it’s common or miscarriage... I keep fearing that I’m having a missed miscarriage. Thanks so much hun though fingers crossed x

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Cottage12 Thu 21-May-20 22:26:43


Just wanted to offer up my experience, I had an 8 week private scan last week, all very reassuring! Then that evening started bleeding, ended up having another scan 2 days later and all was fine and they couldn’t find any trace of bleeding. Agree I think it might be the pressure they use!

AlviesMam Fri 22-May-20 07:44:12

@Pregnancyworrier13 keep us updated smile xxx

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