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Progesterone & Clexane 1st Trimester

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RunnerGirl123 Wed 20-May-20 08:09:36

Does anyone else have experience of taking clexane and progesterone in the first trimester? When were you told to stop taking them?

At my first fertility clinic appointment, my consultant recommended using progesterone pessaries and clexane from BFP until dating scan if I was to fall pregnant naturally (whilst investigations and tests were ongoing).

When I got my BFP at the end of March, my GP prescribed me the medication and I mentioned to my midwife that whilst I thought this was until dating scan, I wasnt 100% sure what the stopping process was. She referred me for a consultant appointment but this will not take place until 1 week after the dating scan (this was the earliest available appointment).

So now I'm unsure what to do, do I stop taking the medication next Weds (12 week scan, approx 12+6) or do I keep taking after the scan until I can see the consultant 1 week later?

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LillyLeaf Wed 20-May-20 08:21:01

I stopped taking a blood thinner around 12wks ish, then stopped progesterone about 14wks ish. My clinic just let me finish the drugs I had so I don't think there's an exact time to stop them. I weaned off the progesterone for a weeks or so. Best check with your clinic and follow their instruction. By the time I saw a consultant I had finished both drugs and she never mentioned them.

LillyLeaf Wed 20-May-20 08:23:05

Just to add it probably depends why you were taking them, I did IVF but not sure if it's difference for other situations.

RunnerGirl123 Wed 20-May-20 08:48:17

Thank you for your reply.

Mine was prescribed to see if it would prevent early miscarriage (I've previously had 2), I fell pregnant naturally.

My clinic was closed for Covid, opened this week and when I tried speaking to them yesterday they just reiterated to stop at the dating scan as per my notes sent to the GP.

I think I'll stop the clexane at the dating scan as that is written on the prescription, and take the progesterone until I see the consultant but maybe start weaning off.

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LASandOtto Wed 20-May-20 08:57:41


Same situation as yours. Had 2 miscarriages and then went private, and the clinic (predominantly an IVF clinic but they treat recurrent miscarriage as well) prescribed clexane and progesterone straight away (as well as a few other medications - prednisolone, baby aspirin and levothyroxine). I got them through the clinic on a private prescription, after two miscarriages I didn't qualify for NHS investigations yet so went private for that reason.

In my case they tested for elevated NK cells which I have. The doctor recommended I stay on the progesterone until week 24 and clexane till the end (week 36 I believe).

The progesterone can probably be stopped by week 12 but my clinic monitors the pregnancy until week 20 so that's why I stayed on them due to their advice.

Clexane is commonly taken until the end, you just need to stop it a few days prior to childbirth.

LillyLeaf Wed 20-May-20 08:59:25

Sorry about your miscarriages, I've had 2 also, that why I was on a blood thinner. I also started taking low dose 75mg aspirin after I stopped the blood thinner. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Frazzlerock Wed 20-May-20 09:17:34

Hi OP. My consultant advised taking progesterone but only if I have any bleeding in early pregnancy, which I have done. I'm to take it until 16 weeks.

I don't know about Clexane, sorry.

RunnerGirl123 Wed 20-May-20 11:57:40

Thanks for the advice guys! Sorry to hear of the MC's you've all had along the way.
I'll just stick with my original consultant's plan and then see what the new consultant says in 2 weeks.

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