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I have a lot of questions...

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Kelcat9494 Tue 19-May-20 23:49:38

So today I’ve found out I’m pregnant unexpectedly, but it’s very much wanted it is our rainbow baby after a miscarriage in January 🌈
We have seven animals (2 dogs and 5 cats), I’m not willing to rehome any of them so does anyone have a few pets with any advice they can offer as I want everyone to be safe and happy?
I’m also going into my second year of university while pregnant & becoming a mum, does anyone have any advice, experience for this?
I’m a bit worried about being pregnant during lock down too, but I know nothing can really help that - can anyone help or maybe just offer some advice for first time mamma (wow that feels weird to say)

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ilovemydaughterx Wed 20-May-20 02:13:52


With our dog we just made sure when we brought my daughter home, he got a proper "introduction" to her. Obviously only unless you think it's safe to do so, let your dog have a sniff around baby while they're sleeping (supervised and holding baby yourself).

Keep doing this so your dog gets used to babies smell, noises baby makes and how baby moves and develops more skills.

We're very lucky because our dog is an absolute softy and loves being by her side. They're now best friends haha grin.

Hope this helps and I hope your pregnancy goes well xxx

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