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Gender guess 12 week scan

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Mannilea Mon 18-May-20 13:13:57

Sorry If this is the wrong place

Can anyone guess the gender from scan 12+6


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Sunglassesandjumperoos Mon 18-May-20 13:15:36


Natalie654321 Mon 18-May-20 13:22:09

I think boy too!

hopeforlucky3 Mon 18-May-20 13:28:58

I'm going with the others and saying boy smile

MrsMcTats Mon 18-May-20 14:00:21

Also going to say boy!

Moreybaby2020 Mon 18-May-20 14:18:46

Hey everyone! I just had my 11 + 6 scan too. Very new to this and I understand there are some theories online. Does anyone have any ideas on sex? 😬

Natalie654321 Mon 18-May-20 14:46:43

@moreybaby2020 I think a girl for yours ❤️

Sunglassesandjumperoos Mon 18-May-20 14:55:55

@morebaby2020 I also think girl for you!

Chuckem15 Mon 18-May-20 20:48:43

Hey! I'm having a surprise but fun to hear what people think. This was 14 weeks exactly, on Saturday. What do you think? Thanks!

MrsMcTats Wed 20-May-20 16:38:24

@Chuckem15 I'd say girl. Looks like the classic 'hamburger' 3 lines!

Foreverblowingbubbles18 Wed 20-May-20 17:38:05

Hi ladies, would you mind looking at mine? I have no clue about these things!

Chuckem15 Wed 20-May-20 18:39:36

@MrsMcTats smile thanks

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