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Any runner mums-to-be / mums out there?

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Paris2019 Sat 16-May-20 12:15:37

What has been your experience of running while pregnant?

I was in peak marathon training when I found out I was pregnant; 6 weeks later I can barely run 3 miles!!

Wondering if I'll get more energy back in 2nd trimester?! (Obvs not planning to run a marathon lol!)

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Hannahbobs Sat 16-May-20 12:20:55

Following! I could have written this post myself smile I'm just over 10 weeks and used to run a lot pre pregnancy. Now i struggle with 2 or 3 miles, on the couple of days a week I manage to exercise!

Paris2019 Sat 16-May-20 12:25:06

It's frustrating isn't it! I've just been out for 4 slow miles and had to stop after each mile for a breather!!

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bee222 Sat 16-May-20 12:28:57

I’m in the same position as you! I was a 5 days a week runner with pretty high mileage until I found out I was pregnant. I’m 9 weeks now and I’m lucky if I can do one 5k a week. Even then, I’m having to stop to catch my breath and walk the hills. I’m just too sick the rest of the time.
Speaking to my other pregnant running friends, they got their energy back in the second trimester. I have one friends who is 20 weeks and was back to doing 10 mile runs at around 15 weeks.

I’m hoping I can at least get back to frequent 10ks soon. Losing out on the me-time has had such a negative impact on my mental health. I just need to run!

SailingatSea Sat 16-May-20 12:37:59

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GoatsDoRome Sat 16-May-20 12:50:30

My only symptom in pregnancy was fatigue, I could barely make it through the day without a nap! So I had to stop running. I bought a running pram for when baby was old enough to go in it, and have used that to go running since having DC, but I am nowhere near as regular a runner now sadly

MadameDePompadour Sat 16-May-20 12:55:36

Hi everyone. I was a fairly high mileage runner before pregnancy and found the first trimester so bloody hard! Felt sick constantly and couldn’t really do much above 5k at a time, with plenty rest and walk breaks. I was trying to log 20miles a week but it was tough. I’m into my second trimester now and bizarrely finding things much better - managing quicker and longer runs tho still having rest breaks and hills are particularly tough. I would just say if you are in first trimester and struggling don’t be disheartened, don’t give up and keep trying because for me it did get easier in second.
I also found this article helpful and reassuring.

ShowOfHands Sat 16-May-20 13:00:16

I couldn't run in pregnancy. I was too breathless at first and then with a BP of 80/50, I kept passing out. I decided it was too risky. I took up lots of other sport instead, cycled a lot and carried on doing home work outs and some strength and conditioning.

I had 2 emcs but was back running by 9 weeks after each one.

Alychloe Sat 16-May-20 13:02:20

I’m 18 weeks and before falling pregnant was training for the half marathon, now I can’t even get out of my house because of hypermesis sad it’s so sad because I can feel my fitness rapidly declining but I know I’ll get it back later on when baby is older smile

Superscientist Sat 16-May-20 13:11:31

I was running 3-6km 2-3times a week before pregnancy. I have managed 2 runs since then I'm 26 weeks. I was just getting enough energy to start running again around 15 weeks but had a car accident and was laid up with bruised/cracked ribs for 6 weeks by which point my fatigue had returned. I'm really gutted as I had only got back into running at the beginning of 2019

Bienentrinkwasser Sat 16-May-20 13:26:43

I was training for a trail marathon (ultra technically but only a couple of miles extra, nothing mad 😂) when I got pregnant. I’d done a half ironman in September, and then massively slacked off for a couple of months but was pulling it back (this was Feb). I was then struck down with hyperemesis for a second time and spent 6 weeks barely able to move, let alone run! At 13 weeks I was feeling okay-ish and started running again very slowly!

I’ll be 16 weeks on Monday. I’m ’running’ 5-7km 4 times per week. I’ve gone from a 25 minute 5km average to about 31 mins. There is a lot of walking! But I’m still doing it! And I’ve improved massively since my first couple of runs.

In my first pregnancy I gave up running at about 20 weeks (after spending the first trimester sick as well) due to the pressure on my bladder, but I’m determined to get a good support belt on and keep going this time as I probably won’t have the luxury of going to the gym with everything that’s going on! I was able to keep my fitness up and be running six weeks post cesarean last time so whilst I’m not among for that, I know I should be able to at least maintain some fitness.

Hannahbobs Sat 16-May-20 13:38:27

It is frustrating but I'm feeling much better hearing lots of your stories about how it gets easier in the second trimester! Without the covid situation I would have been doing a half ironman tomorrow- pretty relieved it is postponed to next year!

Paris2019 Sat 16-May-20 13:46:16

It's definitely heartening to hear the stories about how it improved in the 2nd trimester. For now I think I'll just accept that if I manage ANY runs I'm doing ok!!

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burdog Sat 16-May-20 13:56:23

I want to run. Am 6+3 weeks but I can't summon the energy to do ANYTHING. sad

EithneBlue Sat 16-May-20 13:58:28

I ran a half marathon when I was 4+1 (one of the last that took place before lockdown)... slowest time ever: I thought I was dying from about mile 7 and had even trained properly for this one!! I honestly haven't had the energy in first trimester since then, though, so have done no real exercise for 9 weeks. I am now 13 weeks, feeling a little more energetic and considering just doing a couch-5k to get me back into it, with the intention of not worrying too much about getting stuck on a lower level and repeating weeks. I was supposed to be doing a marathon in April at around 9 weeks, so pretty glad that got cancelled... I don't think I would have made it to the end without a nap!

randomsabreuse Sat 16-May-20 14:08:48

My 2nd pregnancy I had all the plans to keep running, mostly to keep up with my 1st child. Ran up to about 8 weeks then had constant snotty nose bugs meaning I didn't feel like running was a good idea which ran into baby wedging head/bum in my diaphragm so I could barely walk any distance. My last race was a 10 mile hill race at about 6 weeks which was fine, then did a parkrun a couple of weeks later before succumbing to a tedious cold.

A running club member was running up to about 20 weeks with twins and walk/running parkrun until about 30 weeks.

I think it's all about listening to your body and every pregnancy is different!

BabyDancer Sat 16-May-20 14:56:31

I used to run regular half marathons but I had a really hard time after around 7 weeks. I was running up to 10k up until 7 weeks, but with slower times (no stopping though). Then the tiredness hit and the nausea kicked in. For me, I wasn't well enough to do any running until recently. I'm now 16 weeks and I'm building up my distances again very cautiously. I hope to be able to run 5k every day/every other day rather than to go longer distance. I think any further and I would end up too tired to do my job or get stuff done around the house. I think it's worth keeping up some sort of exercise if you're able to in the first trimester, but I wouldn't beat yourself up if you felt the need to stop for a while. Something that's keeping me motivated in spite of my terrible times is the fact that cardio apparently helps reduce the chances of complications in birth as well as lowering the risk of colic. That's what I read in What To Expect When You're Expecting at least!

Oatmilk1 Sat 16-May-20 15:38:24

I was managing 5k 3 times a week very early on... then it dropped to twice a week and a bit slower... and then I started getting foot pain at 13 weeks so have stopped to let that heal. Still walking at least 5k a couple of times a week.

I will try running again once my foot feels better but am more focused on just doing something and am definitely increasing my walking break frequency (I have always been a run/walk runner - it got me through a half marathon late last year).

MissHoney85 Sat 16-May-20 15:57:37

I used to run huge distances each weekend, but I realised when I started TTC it was messing up my cycles. For the last year or so I've run 5k 2-3 times a week. I'm now 5 weeks pregnant and haven't been for a run since finding out. I just feel a bit nervous about it for some reason, though logically I know it's probably fine. Also my heart rate has gone right up, even just walking it's 100-120bpm so not sure I feel like pushing it to a run!

Birdy1991 Sat 16-May-20 15:58:56

I miss running so much!
Last ran at 22 weeks exactly but brought on terrible Braxton Hicks and stretching type pain. I’m now 29 weeks and feel like a blob compared to what I’m used to. On my last run I did 7.5k in 44 minutes I believe.

snowgirl1 Sat 16-May-20 16:02:47

I ran a marathon when I was 6 weeks pregnant (in my defence, I didn't know!). When I realised, I didn't really run - I was a bit concerned about totally knackering my pelvic floor. I did buy a running buggy and started running again when DD was able to hold her head up at about 5 months.

Bienentrinkwasser Sat 16-May-20 17:23:46

@Birdy1991 Oh man! I’d totally forgotten that I got Braxton Hicks with it too 😂😂 That might scupper my plans to run longer this time then!

nevergoingoutagain Sat 16-May-20 19:38:23

I completed couch to 5 k when I was 17 weeks pregnant last time. But I definitely couldn't have done long runs even if I had been marathon fit as the short ones really took it out of me!

zscaler Sun 17-May-20 11:46:54

I’ve basically given up running because it was making me throw up when I tried sad I’m 9+3 now so maybe once I’m into the second trimester I can start to pick it back up.

seventhrow Sun 17-May-20 12:34:45

Not a marathon runner but a dedicated park runner - would do 15km a week normally and lockdown would have been an amazing time to do more 10ks.
First trimester I plodded out my 5ks twice a week - sometimes had to walk a bit or abort plan due to fatigue. At end of first trimester I had a nice buzz of energy and got some speed back. Was really pleased I’d kept trying during first weeks in order to maintain strength and enjoy those few runs. Am now 15 weeks and laid up with very low blood pressure so no chance of running. Am instead walking for at least an hour a day. Now that lockdown is a little more relaxed in getting out of house twice a day - once early morning before work, one long walk after work, inc some hills. Not too worried about loss of fitness as so far putting on the minimum weight per week. After baby is born I’ll be running as soon as I can!

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