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Which gender are you likely to have?

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mines Thu 12-Sep-02 13:39:57

Courtesy of New Scientist, a bit of pop science!

Check out for a brief personality test which may throw some light on the likely sex of your baby.

There's a 'nominal' £3 charge for participating, but I thought it was worth it and you might too.

mines Thu 12-Sep-02 13:54:49


Really should try to get the technology to work for me - here's the link properly:

whellid Thu 12-Sep-02 15:46:27

Haven't looked at this yet, but our local radio station was saying this morning that bossy women are more likely to have boys. I think it was due to the higher levels of testosterone - is this where they got it from?

Azzie Thu 12-Sep-02 15:55:45

No, this can't be true - my dd was definitely a girl last time I looked

mines Thu 12-Sep-02 15:57:37

I think the psychological term for 'bossy' is 'dominant' .

Yes, I guess this will be where your radio station got it from. Plainly every radio station in the UK scans New Scientist for their pop science story of the week, every Thursday!

Jbr Thu 12-Sep-02 17:59:59

Sex is the physical make up, gender is the false or socially constructed attributes we attach to the sex of the person.

I remember all those myths about ways to "prove" the sex of your child like dangling a ring over your belly etc.

CAM Thu 12-Sep-02 21:25:45

whellid this definitely cannot be true, I have had 2 girls.

CAM Thu 12-Sep-02 21:26:46

Also, logically, men are bossy then, I knew it

jasper Thu 12-Sep-02 22:17:54

I had people offering to dangle rings over my belly and stuff like that.Always struck me they had pretty good odds to get it right, it's not as thought there are 16 different sexes available
I have to say all that stuff gives me the heebie jeebies .

whellid Thu 12-Sep-02 22:46:36

I had a boy so dh is sure the research was right !

I remember my Dad telling me about the 'rings over the belly' trick, but he forgot how to tell whether it was a boy or a girl !

Jbr Fri 13-Sep-02 22:05:57

Then there's the myth that if you carry it "up in front" it's going to be a boy (I think) but "out in front" it's a girl.

Jasper Fri 13-Sep-02 22:32:02

Jbr you would not believe how many people tried to tell me that bump position nonsense was established fact!

susanmt Sat 14-Sep-02 09:47:12

Yes, and I was going to have a boy because of my indigestion! What??? Doesn't look like a boy to me! (and second time round when I had little indigestion, it was a boy!)
I love proving people wrong!

Jasper Sat 14-Sep-02 22:12:03

Talking of indigestion, was anyone else told that meant you were going to have a hairy baby? What a load of pants

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