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How can i get a vbac?

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Melaniec234 Tue 18-Sep-07 20:39:42

Hi, feeling really down because im 5months pregnant and have been told i need to have a c-section again. Ive had 2 sections before because i went into early labour 30wks and 34wks. But i got a really badly infected wound last time and dont want another section. Also my 5yr old is adhd and autistic. I just feel like i wont be able to cope if ive to have another section. Sorry to rant on, but its really affecting the joy surrounding my pregnacy.

MarsLady Tue 18-Sep-07 20:47:09

step 1.... start a thread with Lulumama vbac in the title

also try looking here on the AIMs site

lisad123 Tue 18-Sep-07 20:51:18

have they explained why they feel you need one? Prem labour is no reason for the C section, or are they worried about the scar? Was your last section 5 years ago?

lisad123 Tue 18-Sep-07 20:53:15

what was the reasons for the previous 2 sections?

NAB3 Tue 18-Sep-07 20:53:15

My son was a section and then I had 2 VBACs. My scar didn't heal and nearly ruptured after number 3 so it seems like you are less at risk, plus you have had a lot more time between babies. The hospital can't make you do what you don't want. Just get the facts and decide from there.

Melaniec234 Tue 18-Sep-07 21:00:35

Hi, thanks for everyone quick replys. My last section was 3yrs ago. The reason they gave for the sections was that v.b during prem labour was too risky. Ive asked why they wont let me try for a natural birth and their reply was its too risky. All i want is to try

lisad123 Tue 18-Sep-07 21:21:05

you need them to go though risks with you. My sister has 3 prem babies, 1 was c section due beech, the other 2 born at 31 and 33 weeks were VBAC, so is possible. Ask for info, look online, and make your decision from then.
They cant force you but i think you need all info. HTH

BetsyBoop Tue 18-Sep-07 22:01:12

two prior c/s does not automatically mean another c/s

see this

also please come & join our support for VBACers thread in childbirth & ask any questions over there. There are also a load of useful links (near bottom of thread) so you can read all the available evidence/research yourself & make you own well-informed opinion about what is best for you rather than " doctor knows best"

lulumama Wed 19-Sep-07 07:28:13

hi melanie

no-one can force you to have a c.s. you might want to look at this site c.s and vbac support) there are a couple of posters on here, DaisyMOO , for sure who have had v.b after two c.s. And she had it at home ! you might have to be more forceful , and show you are making an informed decision, ink{ can help with what you are 'allowed' to do

i would also look at having a a doula who can help you research VBAC and support you before, during and after the birth.

there is nothing to be sorry about, wanting to have a vaginal delivery is normal and the way you are feeling is normal. It is a shame when you feel you have to struggle to get the birth you want.

Have you been told why it is so risky?

or is it just a bog standard response?

lulumama Wed 19-Sep-07 07:29:32

that link is very long grin oops !

MarsLady Wed 19-Sep-07 07:50:27

and there she is! grin

lulumama Wed 19-Sep-07 09:15:35

<<with a little help from my friend wink..>>

NoNameToday Wed 19-Sep-07 10:29:44

Hi Melanie,

I understand your concerns about coping after another section and respect your wish to try to have a vaginal delivery.

Fantastic advice for you from other posters re VBAC.

However I think the concerns of the obstetrician may be regarding the preterm gestation when the previous sections were done.

The incision when the lower segment has not fully formed is of more significance for subsequent labours.

Perhaps you can ask your midwife to provide you with full information from your previous notes.

Also the indication for the caesarean in your previous deliveries, prematurity on its own is not a valid indication.

Were there other risk factors such as fetal distress, infection, abnormal lie?

You deserve to have these questions answered to your satisfaction before you make a decision.

Hope this helps

Melaniec234 Wed 19-Sep-07 12:07:32

Hi, just back from appointment and very upset and angry. I asked for specific reasons why they thought i needed another section. Their response was in my opinion very rude, "you need a section again, because youve had 2 previous, and theres no way you can have a normal delivery". The only reason they would give for previous section was because id went into early labour. I explained again that ive a special needs son and felt like it would be a lot to cope with another section. Their reply was i should of thought of this before getting pregnant again. I came out feeling guilty that im pregnant. Cant afford a doula as my son needs one to one care and my hubby has been made redundant.

lulumama Wed 19-Sep-07 12:13:41

oh sweetheart

really sorry

sounds like you are being fobbed off

you can still have a doula, if you are unable to afford one, doula UK have a fund that provides doulas for women who cannot afford to pay . contact doulas local to you to explain the situation.

also, have a look at this site birthchoice uk , you can always look at going to a different hospital if your current hospital is not forthcoming in helping you get the birth you want.

NoNameToday Wed 19-Sep-07 12:18:28

So sorry Melanie to hear that, understand your frustration.

Was the appointment with a doctor or midwife?

The may be coreect in their advice re another section, but there is absolutely no excuse for their bad manners.

If after all considerations you do decide on a vaginal delivery, I believe after looking at the DoulaUK website that they can sometimes 'fund' a doula in certain needy cases.

Hopefully, one of the lovely doulas on here will know.

NoNameToday Wed 19-Sep-07 12:19:43

Beat me to it lulumama lol

lulumama Wed 19-Sep-07 12:21:22


curlywurlycremeegg Wed 19-Sep-07 12:32:30

Noname, I do agree with you re gestation. but surely by 30 weeks the lower uterine segment should have been formed allowing a bikini line incision on the skin and horizontal in cision on the uterus.

Melanie, try to find out what sort of incisions were made during the both c/s. AIMS are a great resource, Beverly Beech will help you ask all the right questions to get the answers you need, please do speak to them

NoNameToday Wed 19-Sep-07 12:48:42

Hi curlywurly

The lower segment of the uterus starts forming at around the 24th week of pregnancy, and is fully present by 36 weeks.

Despite scans, there is still some debate about the accuracy of gestation.

Two scars on a uterus that hasn't been subjected to a full term pregnancy is why I have my concerns and ca understand the obstetricians reservations.

Not saying others may not argue differently.

lulumama Wed 19-Sep-07 12:50:46

i think an obs having reservations is fine, but to be spoken to so objectionably is uncalled for. I didn't know that about the lower uterin segment , << jots down for future reference>>

and will not give anyone confidence in their health care provider.

NoNameToday Wed 19-Sep-07 13:40:35

That's one of the reasons I get concerned about people making informed decisions regarding their care.

You can give all the available information to someone, but their comprehension of what is involved is limited by their knowledge.

I don't wish to sound patronising, condescending or any other 'ing.

If I went to a garage and asked them to repair a problem with my car, I possibly may have a reasonable idea of what they were telling me. In no way would I tell them they were wrong with their diagnosis and not to do something which they advised was the safest.

Yes, I would ask questions, get more than one estimate etc.

Why, when the safety of mother and baby is paramount do people disregard a professionals valid concerns for them?

Oh yes, because it's their right!

lulumama Wed 19-Sep-07 13:43:45

sometimes valid concerns are totally hidden by sweeping protocol and 'because i said so'

if this lady is at real and great risk of rupture because of her previous c.s , then she absolutely needs to know, and know why .

if she is being told this because there is a blanket policy of no VBAC after 2 c,s, then she cannot make an informed choice.

NoNameToday Wed 19-Sep-07 13:51:32

On here we can only base our opinions on what the OP has told us, not peculiar to this thread I might add.

Which is why in an earlier post I suggested that all information regarding previous sections was relevant and should be made available.

We are on the same side lulumama, slightly different outlooks based on personal experience, knowledge and education, but ultimately, I believe we persue the same goal for mums, babies and not forgetting other involved members of the family.

lulumama Wed 19-Sep-07 13:57:55

i think that i come from a more impassioned and emotional view point, having had a VBAC , that was absolutely life changing in its positivity. The thought of other women potentially being denied that chance, for dubious reasons, or not getting the full information they need, makes me angry .

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