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Totally stressed out with work!

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TinaFay Mon 17-Sep-07 14:59:36

Hi all, Just wondered if anyone else if finding the whole work thing whilst being pregnant incredibly difficult. My job is pretty stressful and extremely busy, and whilst my boss has been very understanding about my pregnancy and my going on maternity leave (especially considering I'd only been in the job a couple of months before dropping the bombshell), she isn't at all sympathetic in terms of my workload and putting the pressure on - and she has two young children of her own. In a 'catch up' meeting recently she said she was concerned that I wasn't firing on all 4 cylinders!! I'm now 24 weeks pregnant, but suffered badly with morning sickness up until my 20th week and am still sick occassionally now - it was just about all I could manage to drag myself to work in the morning, let alone 'fire on all 4 cylinders' for a 9 hour day. For the past month I've felt slightly better, but still get home absolutely exhausted. I'm planning to go on maternity leave at 34 weeks, but I just don't know how I'm going to get through the next 9. My boss had wanted me to do a 13.5 hour day today due to a team training evening - I was worried how I was going to cope but as it turns out I've got down with an upset tummy anyway and have taken the day off sick - (except now I'm paranoid that they'll think I'm throwing a sicky) - but does anyone else think it's unreasonable for an employer to expect an almost 6 months pregnant employee to work a 13.5 hour day?! Don't really know what the point of this thread is, just a ramble really, but just wondered if anyone else ever feels like jacking it all in? I wish I had the confidence to say something to her, but in a way it makes me feel like a failure for not coping better and that she'll think I'm pathetic. Grrrr!!!

Pheebe Mon 17-Sep-07 15:12:56

Hi Tina

I know just how you feel although I'm self employed so my nightmare boss is myself hmm
I was getting really stressed out but felt I ahd to continue working long hours to make enough money to cover my own amternity leave. I was 34 weeks on Friday and have called it a day now but the last 2 months have been a real struggle.

Do you usually work those sort of hour? If not then it is unreasonable of your boss to expect you to do so now. If you did then perhaps you need to look at negotiating part time working for the next 2 months. There is always the option of seeing your GP who may well advise you that the stress is too much for you and sign you off sick until your maternity leave starts anyway.

Its really important that you listen to your body now, no job, however wonderful is worth putting yours or you lo's health at risk for. Its very easy to forget just how much of a strain pregnancy can be, maybe your boss just doesn't realise how much your struggling.

Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck with whatever you decide to do


TinaFay Mon 17-Sep-07 15:17:52

Thanks Phee - and congrats on your pregnancy too - not long to go now!

bluebell82 Tue 18-Sep-07 12:49:41

Hi Tina

I have had the same unfortunately I work in sales and the fact that I am no longer a top a biller but still in the top percentage has been duly noted. To be honest I have felt like crying most days at work because the pressure is unbearbale, nothing is ever good enough in sales and I am working with people who only have work to worry about whereas it's different when you are pregnant. I am still very motivated in terms of earning bonus but it is just more difficult when you are pregnant because you slow down. I am 23 weeks and will also be leaving at 33 weeks so I am on count down as we speak!.

Hope you are OK today! x

dal21 Tue 18-Sep-07 13:11:37

Hi ladies, I really do feel for you. All I can say is that your boss is totally unreasonable asking you to work those sort of hours when pregnant. I suppose working from home isnt an option?

They do have an obligation to (where possible) accomodate your pregnancy..have you had a health assessment? Something like this should be bought up and addressed IMO.

I really do hope that you manage to reduce your stress levels.

mandler Tue 18-Sep-07 13:14:14

Really feel for you all - I found work such a struggle for a while. I started maternity leave this week at 35 weeks and it is fab. I can honestly say the last few weeks at work absolutely flew (I was surprised!) so hope it is the same for you.
I found that the more I did the more everyone forgot I was pg and knackered. You CAN say no (in fact my no moment came at 27 weeks with an almighty hysterical fit in a meeting with MD and directors) and I think it scared them into realising that I couldn't work to the pace I did before. Not advocating a sobfest but don;t feel you have to be superwoman.
I guarantee you by the time you get back from maternity leave it will all be forgotten, not worth getting stressed and exhausted about in these last few weeks.
Other things like working from home a day a week, or coming in half an hour later also helped. I didn't even ask, just did it and it became accepted. And my job was pretty full on and stressful so it can be done!

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