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TTC for over a year... vvv faint line??

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Jessannette Mon 04-May-20 15:12:36

Have been using frer for a while and never have had any sort of line on a test.. did anyone else tests look like this before a bfp??

I inverted it and can see a vvv faint line!

I know it's early to test.. just can't help myself🙄🙄

Thank you xo

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Laurend0603 Mon 04-May-20 15:17:49

Yes I can see a line 😍😊 xxx

Jessannette Mon 04-May-20 15:32:40

Gosh I really hope so!! Will do another tomorrow morning and let you know!🥰

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Laurend0603 Mon 04-May-20 15:37:24

Yes please let me know fingers crossed 😊 mine were like that at 11dpo so fiant had to hold up to light to darker on 13 dpo and were always darker later in day than FMU! XX

Jessannette Mon 04-May-20 15:41:07

Ooo don't tempt me to do one tonight! It's driving me crazy not knowing, especially being in lockdown! 😂 x

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Jessannette Mon 04-May-20 15:41:28


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Laurend0603 Mon 04-May-20 15:43:51

Is that a first response your using? I never used them so may not show on others this early but it looks postive to me 😊 I used about 5 different brands and done about 20 tests over 4 days couldn't believe it 😂 xx

Sunflower2019 Mon 04-May-20 15:53:14

Good luck 💞

Wingingthis Mon 04-May-20 15:54:29

I see a line & my first pregnancy test looked like this! 🤞🏼

OpticVA Mon 04-May-20 16:00:54

Looks like a faint line to me! Test again in the morning and hopefully it’ll be darker! 🤞 for you!

Jessannette Mon 04-May-20 16:55:21

@Wingingthis Thats great news!! I dont suppose you remember what how many dpo you were? X

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Jessannette Mon 04-May-20 16:57:11

@OpticVA @Sunflower2019 Sadly I can't get another frer test until tomorrow lunch (lockdown 😓).. but will definitely be testing tomorrow evening and will let you all know! Thank you! Xox

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Jessannette Mon 04-May-20 17:03:44

@Laurend0603 yeah it is First Response! With previous experience I never normally seen any sort of line (evap/indent).. even when you shine a torch through it.. stark white!
Just hope i didn't get 2 unlucky tests

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Laurend0603 Mon 04-May-20 17:31:45

I've never used first response but if you are a near a B&M Clear and simple sticks are good have me a more visible line xx

Beth804 Mon 04-May-20 17:35:19

Yes! Looks exactly like mine did at 9dpo! I've attached a pic as I know how desperate you are in the early days to find situations that fit your own! For me, the clear blue early detection was clearer - I've attached a pic of that one too taken on the same day! Congratulations! X

Williams3001 Mon 04-May-20 18:00:50

@Jessannette It's better if you can do the test with your first – i.e. most concentrated – wee of the day, especially if you're not sure about the line. I know it's absolute agony to wait, but if you get the test tomorrow, try to wait to do it Weds morning. Fingers crossed for you!

Jessannette Mon 04-May-20 18:55:43

So I've just done another FRER and I think I can officially say I'm pregnant!!! ❤️❤️ 8dpo (pm)

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Dyra Mon 04-May-20 19:44:43

Your first picture I can just about see a line, but I wasn't sure if my eyes were just playing tricks on me. Your second picture, the line is faint, but definitely there.


Mummyspider27 Mon 04-May-20 20:13:54

Definitely!! How exciting! Congratulations xxx

Irishgene Tue 05-May-20 08:49:19


DroopysGirl Wed 03-Jun-20 10:59:56

Just found this thread bc I am having the same situation! frer yesterday nothing, the one this morning looks like your first pic, I watched it from the start to make sure it wasn't an evap I'd be seeing later. This 2nd pic is later in the day? After how long of a hold?

Jessannette Wed 03-Jun-20 16:01:12

I always found that a late afternoon wee was always darker for me! I'm now 8 weeks ☺️❤️

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