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taking heparin during pegnancy

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lizziedibs Sun 16-Sep-07 23:21:16

have just found out I am pregnant (7 weeks) and have come off wafarin fast, and now self injecting heparin daily...
is there any body out there with dvt history or factor 5 leiden?
I really need to discuss my concerns, as this is my first pregnancy...and seems too early to tell people?

Katsma Mon 17-Sep-07 00:35:53

Hi lizzie, congratulations! smile

I have a clotting history, 2DVTs and a PE, but having had thrombophilia screens, no cause has been found.

I also did the heparin injections through my pregnancy (my first), having come off warfarin. Stings doesn't it!

Was well worth the discomfort (and worry), as I now have a happy, healthy 11mo DD. Am also planning to do the whole thing again and try for number 2.

I told people early (when I found out I was pg at 8 weeks). I was concerned about anything happening and nobody knowing I was taking the heparin, so I let everyone know just in case. The downside to this was that my pregnancy seemed to last for ever. As people don't usually let on till 3 months, people were saying 'Haven't you had that baby yet, you've been pregnant for years!' grin


If you have any specific concerns, post them, and I will try to address them. I also know there are others currently posting who are in the same situation as you.

If you search threads for 'clexane', I think you'll pick up some useful threads. Sorry, would do you links, but am crap at them. grin

lizziedibs Mon 17-Sep-07 08:27:34

thank you so much katsma....will look for the clexane threads now...everything you said is so true!!

will be posting other questions no doubt...

good luck with number 2!!

MrsMcJnr Mon 17-Sep-07 13:58:32

Hello smile I'm factor II and have been injecting heparin (Clexane) since 5 weeks, now 23 weeks, welcome to the gang! smile This is my first baby too and I only found out about the blood clotting issues 2 weeks before I got my BFP so it was uphill and scary at the beginning so I'll support you all I can - ask away smile

Gumbo Mon 17-Sep-07 14:02:47

Hi Lizzie, I'm Factor V and also came off Warfarin as soon as I fell pg to start self-injecting. I had excellent care all the way through - DS is now 21mo and healthy, so it was worth all the drama..

Good luck and congrats!

lizziedibs Mon 17-Sep-07 16:38:25

ah thanks gumbo, Mrsmcjnr et al!!!

have just got back from the anticuagulation clinic....the Dr said Im probably only 5 weeks? so we have caught it early...I feel much better....was so worried, having a read a little too much information on the internet re-warfarin caused birth defects etc......
also, nurse said I couldnt inject into my tummy? but the doctor has said I can so my poor bruised thighs are happy....
I have another appointment in 3 weeks, with first anti-natal appointment soon after....

thanks again for the threads....congratulations and best wishes to you all.....

Gumbo Mon 17-Sep-07 20:02:07

Lizzie, I tended to alternate my thighs; I was injecting twice a day, so tried to remember where exactly I had injected last, then went a couple of inches away from it. When that thigh was too bruised (ideally 5 or 6 days I'd swap to the other one to give it a rest.

But there shouldn't be any reason you can't inject in you belly - I did loads of times!

Oh - and DON'T read about the Warfarin-related birth defects any more - it'll freak you out completely! The chances of anyhting being wroing due to the Warfarin are truly negligable. (I got scanned all the way through my pg for specific birth defects - there were none.)

MrsMcJnr Mon 17-Sep-07 20:25:11

That all sounds good Lizziedibs smile I think the earlier you can start on the heparin, the better the chance of success! smile I’m still injecting my tummy, it is getting harder to grab flesh but I much prefer it to the thigh personally.

Gumbo – twice a day! Ouch! I’m lucky, I just inject once.

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