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mumzyof2 Sat 15-Sep-07 20:31:05

Iv heard Freecycle mentioned to me 3 times today, whereas Id never heard of it previously. Has anybody actually got anything worthwhile off it? Is it worth having a look at there website? Somebody on here the other day said that they got a pram from there. Is everything free?

funnypeculiar Sat 15-Sep-07 20:34:18

everythings is free - you can post stuff you want or want to give away. The intention is to encourage recyling/reuse rather than things getting dumped on tips
I've had a few useful things (eg big fireguard, kids scooter), & have given a few things away. There's often baby stuff on there. There is some odd tat, and also in most areas, you need to get your email in quickly (as people often give things away to the first person they hear from) but defn worth signing up & having a look

lisad123 Sat 15-Sep-07 20:46:52

I have got a moses basket and stand, crib with all bedding that is beutiful, a baby bath, baby clothes and washable nappies. All been wonderful stuff and lovely people. You have to be quick as some people nab everything and then sell on at carboots hmm

Might want to put a wanted, as people do response.

vole3 Sun 16-Sep-07 08:13:26

I received a Britax travel system, a Fisher Price Lights / Sounds bouncer and a brand new steamer.
What I found it most useful for was getting rid of the stuff we had in our spare room that we didn't need before decorating. No trips to the tip / charity shop for us!
Whilst everything is free, I take a little something as a 'Thank You'.

potoroo Sun 16-Sep-07 08:35:32

We've given away kitchen cabinets, an old fridge, shelving units, curtains and carpet. Brilliant as vole said for getting rid of stuff and not having to go to the charity shop/tip and no faffing around with eBay. We've got a toy tool bench and filing cabinet.

Yes everything is free, but some sites like you to offer stuff first.

Obviously because they are things people are getting rid of they are not necessarily in good condition

potoroo Sun 16-Sep-07 08:37:04

lisa - there's something very wrong about getting things from Freecycle then selling them on isn't there!

DH likes to read the responses first and give it to the most needy grin

lisad123 Sun 16-Sep-07 09:00:34

I always freecycle the stuff again when I have finished. I also give alot away and am very careful about who i give to, some people are just so rude "when can i collect", "I want this please". I always give to most needy too, had so many rude replies to my dishwasher However, because I was polite and explained why I wanted something, I got it first grin poor man was getting emails every 5-25 seconds shock


mumzyof2 Sun 16-Sep-07 17:10:26

So, when I go on, and type in Preston, it sends me to their yahoo site, and I never see any items or anything. How am I meant to get into it?

missbumpy Mon 17-Sep-07 00:18:50

I use freecycle too and I've got a few good things and met some nice people in the area.

I've used it more for getting rid of stuff. I've been trying to clear stuff out to make room for the baby and it saves me endlessly traipsing to oxfam with bags of stuff. Also, you can freecylcle electrical stuff and larger items like fridges and stuff which you can't give to oxfam.

vole3 Mon 17-Sep-07 02:21:30

You need to register with the group local to your area. This will allow you to log in to the forum and most forums will send you daily emails about what is offered / wanted / taken.

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