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Advice needed. My DD is 17 weeks & I suspect that I might be pregnant or maybe not?

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moneytree Sat 15-Sep-07 11:49:03

I havent started my periods yet however I have the same symptons as early pregnancy ie. thrush, exhaustion, nausea etc. My husband & I have been careful and I am breastfeeding too so this is a long shot. 2 questions: could I be pregnant and when do you do a test? Advice appreciated.

ScoobyDooooo Sat 15-Sep-07 11:49:59

You will only find out if you do a test, i would start but doing one now smile

littlelapin Sat 15-Sep-07 11:50:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moneytree Sat 15-Sep-07 11:52:40

Yes, I guess I am just putting it off as I am scared of the outcome...with my little one just being 17 weeks! Thanks for the advice.

sophieandbelly Mon 17-Sep-07 09:05:09

i was told breastfeeding is irrelevent, doesnt help as a contraceptive at all, could it be down to u being really tired and hormones all over the place!?? good luck, hope its the outcome u want xx p.s let us no!!

moneytree Mon 17-Sep-07 19:36:42

Thanks and hoping it down to be v. tired & hormonal. I am going to get a test tomorrow afternoon as I am in town (I live in the country) & do it tomorrow am. Will let you know!

moneytree Tue 18-Sep-07 13:43:28

Did test, not pregnant!

sophieandbelly Wed 19-Sep-07 10:09:45

thats good then panic over!!!

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