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What pushchair/pramette bloody travel system have you bought???

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bluebell82 Fri 14-Sep-07 20:24:20

There is so much choice!! I was going for the Dazzle by Silvercross now worried not enough storage spent 40 mins in the shop today having a super doopa pram demonstrated to me and could have cried because I just can't settle on one!!! Any advice.. do I really need one that does everything except wipe the baby's arse?

puffylovett Fri 14-Sep-07 20:34:58

depends what you think you will do with the baby !

i really wanted the M&P Ultima (bugaboo way out of price range) but figured as i live on top of a ruddy great big hill, i would be spending lots of time in the car. and i was right !

so i went for the silver cross 3D and it's been perfect for what i need.

still don't like it much though and in hindsight should have got a loola as i didn't realise you could have baby facing you for the first few months !

Nellycake Fri 14-Sep-07 20:48:15

Get the lightest one you can find that folds up the smallest. If you'll be using a car a lot, try to get one with a car seat you can clip onto the pram (most of these allow the baby to face you in the early months). Also, if the car seat has a corresponding base that you can fix into the car, get that as well - it's so much quicker and convenient for getting lo in and out.

puffylovett Fri 14-Sep-07 20:58:08

also, there's loads of the larger, bulkier systems on ebay - cos after 6-8 months everyone trades em in for a stroller anyway !

but arse wiping would be a v good accessory i have to say

toadstool Fri 14-Sep-07 22:47:53

I got a M and P Skoot travel system on special offer in a mad hormonal frenzy. Looks nice but it's bulky and a bit hard to work out what folds where and how - and I haven't had the LO yet! In fact I miss my basic Graco pushchair - nothing fancy, it lasted 3 years, I'd recommend it...

vole3 Sat 15-Sep-07 02:19:40

Go to a supplier that will let you try fitting things into the boot of your car. You will be surprised at how that restricts the choice!
My only things that it had to do were be forward / rearward facing and have swivel wheels at the front i.e. steerable to prevent me having to physically tip the pram each time I want to change direction.
I initially wanted to get Jeep Infinity or Britax Vigour but were given a similar Britax freebie through Freecycle. Then I saw iCandy Apple for sale at a new / as new store near me for the same price (brand new as people who had bought it were now emigrating) and I love it. The only things I will say with the iCandy, is that as a pram it is a bit fiddly getting stuff larger than a loaf of bread into the basket i.e. a pack of 30+ nappies when shopping grin

Jennifer8 Sat 15-Sep-07 06:25:59

Ok, well there are a few of us pramaholics on here, let's try and help you.

I remember the feeling of not knowing which one to get. In fact I still get that feeling. That is why I currently have about 15 prams blocking up the room etc.

Having tried soooo many, (there are people on MN who have had hundreds btw so I'm just a 'social' pramaholic I suppose!)
I would say yes, it depends on your lifestyle.

You may need one you can get in the boot, presuming you have a car and use it to take the baby to town/beach/wherever.

You might get away with a lightweight folding one for that, I had a Pliko which folds small, yet is suitable from birth - also it has fittings so you can click the Primo Viaggio carseat on, I've been using that with infant as mainly we don't walk far when using the car, ie school run etc.

But I'd recommend a nice, pram style thing as well because when you do walk somewhere, even to the local shop, a rattling, non-air-tyre buggy can be a bit shaky and jolty for a baby, especially a tiny newborn.

My all time favourite prams are the Emmaljunga because the build quality is impressive - a bit like buying a car, everything is made to last forever, it is beautiful to push, suspension is awesome yet it still fits into shops unlike some.
They are heavy and big though. (I like that aspect - I had a Graco with DS1 and it rolled off a raised pavement with a gust of wind! Next day went and bought a heavy thing)

Emmaljunga also are expensive but much cheaper on ebay...try to get the reversible handle model (Sport chassis) as you can switch it over whn the sun is in baby's eyes. Brilliant idea, many of the German/Scandinavian ones seem to think of this type of issue.
I also have a Teutonia, which does that but is not so large (or pretty!)
And a Gesslein, which is beautiful, also from ebay (nobody here has heard of them which is why they go sooo cheaply : )ie retail at £500 and sell for usually under £100. ours was almost unused and is upholstered like a sofa, with brocade etc. Gorgeous! It folds small and goes in most car boots I'm told. And has a removeable carrycot-lift up thing. Only problem is that it doesn't steer.

As everyone says, you'll want a lighter buggy for when your little one is a bit bigger, this is a good idea, so I'd recommend getting a comfy, lush buggy/pram for when little, and a smaller folding one for the car/ later on.

Once they are over 2-3 though, be warned the small wheeled light buggies are not so easy. I had one and then tried a Quinny Freestyle 3 wheeler, with air was nigh on impossible to push DS1 (a big hefty 3yo) in the folding one, but the Quinny made it SO much easier! Probably due to the tyres.

Best for later though is something like a mountain buggy or Easylife, something steerable...that's essential when the child is heavier. And again easily available on ebay for about a fifth of the original price - not mountain buggies actually, they don't seem to depreciate much!

Basically to sum up. Something flat and cushy with air tyres for baby. Especially if you walk a fair bit.
Something folding and light for car/ older baby.
And finally something with big swivelly wheels if you plan to use it beyond 3 years.

Disclaimer...all IMHO of course! smile

Jennifer8 Sat 15-Sep-07 06:32:37

Oh and don't forget, the shopping capacity will be important too...great on an Emmaljunga, sadly this is the one thing Graco do really well but I wouldn't buy another Graco if I could help it because they don't last so well as some. (Everything made of plastic mainly) but that is just me and some people love them to bits! smile

Most pushchairs don't have enough basket space for my needs so be careful on that one.

I am a big snob though wink

Ettenna Sat 15-Sep-07 07:53:38

We got the Quinny Zapp because it's spectacularly teeny and light and can fit easily into a Ka boot! It's also had LOADS of admiring comments from people because it looks so space age and cute. However it has no storage for shopping - not a problem for us but you may prefer something with a 'tray'.
TBH the storage thing can be a bit misleading. With big food shops, LO is either in the trolley seat or a backpack (or not there at all - by far the most sensible solution!). For other shopping, i just have a fairly large shoulder bag and don't buy anything heavy.

loonyballoony Sat 15-Sep-07 19:39:52

Hi, I went for a Maclaren XT Classic, mainly because it came with everything I wanted/needed, ie. cosytoes (had winterbaby), rainshield and Maclaren quality. My sis-in-law gave me her carseat and I just swapped dd out of carseat into buggy which goes really flat for newborn. The other reason I went with this model was because it had the highest handle height, as I'm tall I found most of the travel systems too low down and also too heavy to push. This buggy has been fab, really fab to steer and strong, it has been taken on many flights and if you've seen how they chuck luggage on, I'm always amazed my buggy arrives in one piece! Also as someone else pointed out, most people buy travel system but when baby is approx. 1 year you end up buying a buggy. I'm pregn again and I'll definately buy another as I fancy a different colour!

miniegg Sat 15-Sep-07 19:55:06

i have the pliko pramette (mamas and papas) which is one of the top rated on mumsnet product section.
on the plus side, it is relatively light, looks good (i got it in the ultimate girly colours, the red polka dots, and have had lots of compliments!), has a nice big tray for carrying shopping, has good "suspension" (glides along nicely, even on rough ground) and swivel wheels.
on the downside, I don't think it is particularly well made (a couple of bits have already broken off); it's a bit "plasticy", and it took a while to get the hang of collapsing it to get it into the car, and then getting it back up again.
Overall I probably wouldn't buy it again and would recommend you go for something that folds really easily, as a priority, if you're going to be putting it into the car a lot...

Hayleyandbaby Sat 15-Sep-07 21:55:07

I'm getting the only combination pram on Mothercare website. If you type it in the mothercare website search it brings it straight up and it's perfect!!!

Also, if you've got the next directory, or go on to the next website, there's a gorgeous black grey polkerdot one, and it's light and folds umbrella style. It does alsorts and it's lovely.

Jennifer8 Sun 16-Sep-07 14:35:03

Hayley2U is that you? Who just had a baby last week? How did it go, congratulations!!!

Gemy Sun 16-Sep-07 15:47:45

I would steer clear of any that don't have blow-up wheels. These are fine for a city stroll, but the minute you encounter cobbles, or any grass (nevermind woodland) the baby is nearly jossled right out of the seat!

We got the phil&Teds and it's great, but then we do lots of "off roading" and wanted something robust. This one has a metal frame and is so eary to manouver I can do it whilst talking on my phone in one hand and steering easily with the other.

We started with the typical M&P 3 in 1 in a trendy fabric and we did get lots of compliments on the colour but it's tyres were non blow-up, it was very plasticy and it was just clunky compared to the one we have now.

There are so many.....not an easy task - good luck! (and don't worry about being given demos and then still not knowing which is the right one - I think you will know when you find the one that suits)

Louise76 Mon 17-Sep-07 19:00:28

Hello all. We went looking at travel systems today with a view to ordering the Mamas & Papas Ultima 8 in 1 travel system as it looked as if it was just what we needed. We have hit a major problem in that the boot of our car (Seat Ibiza) is a funny shape and neither of the travel system chassis' would fit in. I have since been looking online and in brochures for one that folds up really small. Can anyone recommend a travel system with a base/chassis that folds up very small? We are going to a pram centre tomorrow to look at a bebecar stylo which seems to fold up small. Does anyone have any experience of bebecar prams/travel systems/pushchairs? Thanks!!

PeckaRolloverAgain Mon 17-Sep-07 19:02:34

Does anyone have an opinion on the First Wheels City Elite versus the Bebe Comfort Loola?

Would get the First Wheels in pink i think and all black if the loola

BunnyBaby Mon 17-Sep-07 19:08:43

We just ordered quinny speedio with carry cot and maxi cosi car seat. This has blow up wheels all round and is well rated by users.

designerbaby Mon 17-Sep-07 20:06:26

I've jut ordered my Pliko Pramette... the reasons?

1. I'm a London lass and needed one which was compact, manoeverable, and light enough for me to get on and off public transport. The Pliko seemed the smallest and lightest I tried.

2. It looks lovely - got the grey polka-dot one. Not garish, but not boring either.

3. It lies flat to begin with, and then is easy to re-zip into a pushchair. I liked the fact you don't have to take bits off and store them somewhere when you want to moce from pram to chair.

4. Not as expensive as the bugaboo - not cheap, but not as expensive! Helps when explaining away the cost to DH (who's an accountant...)

5. A friend has one, her wee boy is now a year old. He was always very happy in the pram mode and slept well in it - and he now likes it just as much in pushchair mode - the harness is very good as he's not tied to the back of the chair. He's secure, but he can lean forward and stuff to see what's going on.

That's about it... oh, and I got bored with looking grin


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