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Present tips

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susiemj Fri 14-Sep-07 17:37:34

Hi Everyone,

I'm expecting my first baby in January. People are beginning to ask what I'd like for baby presents and I'm not sure what to say. I try and say not to worry about it, but I think I need a better response. I know I enjoyed buying baby presents for other poeple in the past! These are not really close friends or family so I can't really ask for big things or for boring things like sterilsers or nappies. They're more like new or work friends and people I know from round the village. Any ideas for small, useful, fun things?

fawkeoff Fri 14-Sep-07 17:39:23

i was really grateful for nappies, wipes and baby bath stuff

fawkeoff Fri 14-Sep-07 17:40:15

nappies are cheap so they wouldnt be shelling out loads of money for them....unless ur using re usable ones

mumzyof2 Fri 14-Sep-07 17:45:57

What about just a nice outfit? People, especially women, love choosing them, and theyre nice to recieve. Or, a nice baby blanket? Or an outside suit to keep them warm? Or a cot toy, one of those that plays lights and music onto the ceiling. Or maybe even something for you? Some nice smellies to cheer you up after the birth?

BetsyBoop Fri 14-Sep-07 17:54:42

I would mention buying things in a bigger size if they are buying clothing. Nearly everyone I know (including us) ended up with loads & loads of 0-3 stuff, most of which only got worn once or twice before it was outgrown

be wary of mentioning outside suits to too many people - we ended up with 5 (having not suggested it to anyone - obviously they all thought "december baby = pram suit" grin) - there are only so many pram suits one baby can wear IYKWIM!

first toys are also another great idea

becklespeckle Fri 14-Sep-07 17:56:20

Let them know if there are any little things you still need like socks or pram toy or little hat or something like that - people do like to buy for babies!

susiemj Fri 14-Sep-07 22:35:13

Thanks for tips. I supppose I don't really know how much people want to spend. I usually buy a dress (all my friends seem to have girls). I don't want to say something which sounds too much or too little.

AllBuggiedOut Fri 14-Sep-07 22:41:35

Books are always great to have, and baby will start to enjoy them very young.

becklespeckle Mon 17-Sep-07 16:00:27

Could you ask them to club together and make you up a hamper of essential bits for baby like wipes, sponges, baby shampoo, scratch mits, little nail clippers, chocolate and stuff like that?

My Gran did it for me with my DSs and it was definitely the best pressie I got. Also that way no-one feels they have to spend too much!

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