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bingandflop Fri 17-Apr-20 09:15:05

Hi all

Am really starting to suffer with hayfever. At my last (phone) MW appt I said I usually use loratidine and she said piriton was safer. The internet seems to suggest the opposite. I have been managing with nothing this far but really dont think I can any longer.

Can anyone help?

Thanks very much

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woodencoffeetable Fri 17-Apr-20 09:21:09

loratadine and cetirizine are usually fine to take.
in severe cases a gp can prescribe steroid nasal spray as well (beclamethasone or fluticasone)
if you are suffering badly, ask your gp.

I HATE HATE HATE it when hcp are so dismissive about hayfever.

1990shopefulftm Fri 17-Apr-20 09:25:06

@bingandflop the NHS says that both are safe options, you ll find it tricky to get a pharmacy to sell you them if you go yourself

I ve been using a saline spray as my nose is the main issue which makes a bit of difference.

NishaaS123 Fri 17-Apr-20 09:47:56

I have been using cetrizine since I got pregnant and I am 24 weeks now midwife said its safe to take

Katiek1986 Tue 26-May-20 18:56:02

I have just been prescribed cetrizine.. im 10 weeks.
It says not to take them on the packet but the GP said its ok as I have asthma too!! Put off taking it for ages but i feel awful. Wheezey and banging headache. Hayfever is not just a runny nose! Glad to see others are taking it too. A relief.

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