No period 8/9 weeks after miscarriage at 5/6 weeks pregnant. How long did yours take to return?

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RaachelMorrow Sat 11-Apr-20 22:35:46

Hello everyone,

I miscarried at 5/6 weeks about 8 weeks ago, naturally. I'm sure my period is due any day now but just wondering for piece of mind, I wasn't expecting it to take so long because I was so early on in my pregnancy? What was your experience? I was expecting it to arrive at 4 - 6 weeks after.

It was confirmed by an internal scan that my body looked after itself 8 weeks ago.

Is it crazy that sometimes I think I might still be pregnant? I will probably be hit with all the emotions all over again when it arrives. This self isolation business is also heightening all my feelings sad


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Crackerscheesescabbyknees Sat 11-Apr-20 22:39:19

Have you had unprotected sex since?

My period took less than a month to show up after my MC. Didn't seem to have much of a break from bleeding at all.

RaachelMorrow Sat 11-Apr-20 22:46:10

@Crackerscheesescabbyknees I'm so sorry for your loss. It's absolutely horrible.
But no. We've only 'done the deed' twice since, and used protection both times sad

We are planning to try again next year when we've organised/prepared a few things, as this was an unexpected pregnancy, but COVID-19 is putting spanners in the works!

I wonder how long before I should get worried that something is wrong? Although if I needed a D&C I'd like to think that they would have been able to tell me that at the internal scan 8 weeks ago?

With all of the corona pressures on at the minute I feel a bit silly bothering the GP!

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Rainbowafterthestorm Sun 12-Apr-20 05:36:37

This is exactly what happened to me. I miscarried in January. I then had some ovulating pain in early February and by mid March my period hadn’t returned.
I bought 5 (same brand) tests and did them over the space of two weeks and the line just got darker and darker so I knew. I’m 10 weeks pregnant on Monday - confirmed by a scan at 8 weeks (after some spotting). It’s been quite possibly the scariest 3 months of my life, but I’m just crossing my fingers that this one is ok.
I’d say, get a test. Are you having any other symptoms?

RaachelMorrow Sun 12-Apr-20 08:33:20

Congratulations @Rainbowafterthestorm! Sending you all the good vibes and crossing my fingers and toes that everything works out for you this time around.

I haven't had any symptoms, and last time my boobs were quite sore, I had nausea and spotting - which led to miscarriage to be fair. We've also only 'done the deed' twice in the last 2 months and used protection both times (condom). If anything very emotional, and my boobs feel a bit empty sad

Although I would be over the moon if we found out a little miracle had happened somehow!

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Longfox Sun 12-Apr-20 08:55:51

It took me 14 weeks to get my periods back after miscarrying naturally (after a missed miscarriage was discovered) I was tracking my ovulation and started ovulating after the first period, caught first time and now 30 weeks pregnant. I had made an appointment to see the doctor as he suggested it can take up to three months for your periods to come back, but periods returned the day before the appointment so it wasn't needed. Hang in there, and good luck 😀

RaachelMorrow Sun 12-Apr-20 09:20:41

@Longfox oh my gosh that's ages! I'm sure your head was all over the place. How far along where you when your miscarried? If you don't mind me asking?

I'm delighted that you were able to conceive again on schedule! Congratulations and best wishes for you and your bellybean x

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Longfox Sun 12-Apr-20 09:33:28

@RaachelMorrow I thought I was 12 weeks on the dot, went for a scan as i started bleeding, but baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks. I think deep down I knew something wasnt quite right, but no signs until the bleeding. I think it's the only time we actually wish our periods would arrive 😀 I ended up being rushed into hospital due to blood loss, so my midwife advised I leave it for at least three months before we tried again to let my iron levels body obviously listened, but I was desperate to get trying again 😀 thank you, and I wish you all the best too!

sunshinefordays Sun 12-Apr-20 09:56:58

@RaachelMorrow - Really sorry to hear that you have been through this. I had a missed miscarriage last year and my period took about 10 weeks to return - I carried on getting positive tests up until about 9.5 weeks after the miscarriage which was very distressing. I had to have a second scan to confirm that nothing had been left behind as I had surgical management of miscarriage (nothing had). The doctors didn't really have an explanation apart from that some women's hormone levels take longer to come down than others, but I know it's a horrible wait. My first cycle after the miscarriage was also a bit longer than normal for me and I ovulated late. Wishing you all the best and do go back to the EPU if you are concerned about your period not arriving. flowers

Rie123 Mon 01-Jun-20 10:18:23

I am exactly the same, about 8 weeks ago I started with horrendous cramps and a little bit of bleeding, I took a test which said positive, but doctors advised it sounds like it was a early misscarriage.
Due to the lockdown and me being high risk I haven't been able to go for a scan to see what is happening. But it is 8 weeks later and still no sign of my period. It is killing me not knowing what is going on!

bee222 Mon 01-Jun-20 10:30:58

After my first miscarriage (surgical management) I waited 10 weeks for my period to come back. Everyone I spoke to at the hospital And my GP said this is normal and to be expected. Second miscarriage it came back a bit sooner around 6 weeks.

Rie123 Mon 01-Jun-20 12:29:01

That's so relieving to hear that it can sometimes take longer then the 4-6 weeks Google says!
I just worry not all tissue passed when I miscarried as I only had a small amount of bleeding but very severe cramps

Lhoza Thu 25-Jun-20 21:51:03

I am very sorry to see your story.. I also had a miscarriage when i thought i was 10 weeks pregnant, but the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. The gynecologist performed D&C. And now am in week 7 with no periods, but abdominal pains. Pregnancy test showed negative. I can not wait for my periods because me and my partner are trying again.

ForeverHomeSearcher Fri 26-Jun-20 21:51:47

So sorry OP. Going through a MC is just awful. I think mine only took a few weeks to come back. However I'd say it took quite a few months before my cycle got back to normal and I could actually conceive. It took us 8 months to conceive again, having taken 3 months the first time. I was under a lot of stress for other reasons as well so I think that was messing with my cycle too. Hope they come back soon. X

itsTina10 Sun 28-Jun-20 08:40:40

Has anyone else had this problem .. I miscarried 5.23.20 with a completely unknown pregnancy. At 12 weeks. I ended up in the hospital due to heavy bleeding. I had a complete miscarriage and even an ultrasound performed to confirm everything was gone. I bled for the first whole week before it turned into spotting on and off. The second week was spotting. But it would come and go. One day I had spotting and then for 2-3 days nothing. When nothing was coming out hubby and I couldn’t wait so we had unprotected sex. About mid second going on third week I noticed a clear thick discharge mixed with a little bit of blood. (I think I had sex the day before). After that the spotting came back confused. And once again it continue on and off. Come mid third week I noticed spotting again with a clear but not so much of a discharge. I officially stopped spotting as of 6.21.20. Haven’t seen a drop since. It’s been 5 weeks since miscarriage happened and yes I have taken 2 tests and both negative. I seen my Dr beginning of second week after miscarriage and she confirmed test were negative. I have been feeling a little weird but not sure what it is. I have no signs of period coming. Do you guys have any advice if maybe I should wait a little longer to test again? I’m getting kind of nervous sad

user1471267414 Mon 06-Jul-20 21:40:55

Hi I am week 8 (from the date bleeding stopped) after a missed miscarriage (baby stopped growing at 6 weeks found out at 8 week scan) still no period and getting worried as want to start trying again 😭 also feeling very up and down. OP did you get your period?

user1471267414 Tue 14-Jul-20 11:55:32

Does anyone have an update at all

Skyyreni Fri 31-Jul-20 22:28:05

Also in the same boat lol.. had m/c 07/02/2020 naturally. The week after I stopped bleeding we were back at it actually tmi.. at the end of that week soon as it slacked & was just spotting we did the do. Have been doing the do since then non stop unprotected . Still no period here on the 31st & my ovulation calendar said count the first day of bleeding as day 1 of cycle because your body may start from that date trying to make up what’s not there. It gave me a period date of July 30th. I’ve took 4 test .. all negative. I’m going crazy. We want our baby ❤️

Skyyreni Fri 31-Jul-20 22:28:55

Any updates anyone ??

Ren1988 Tue 04-Aug-20 20:43:22

I had a medically managed miscarridge on July 1st. Done pregnancy tests every week and still say positive, had a scan nearly 2 weeks ago check and they said complete. It will be 5 weeks on Friday so will do another test, no sign of period until yesterday, very very faint brown spotting but nothing else. We've had unprotected sex once (well kind of, he pulled out tmi 🙈) as I wanted a neg test before we tried again but not I'm not sure if this has been implantation bleeding. This whole situation has been dragging on for so long. Hope all you ladies are well?

user1471267414 Tue 04-Aug-20 21:49:31

Still no period and I’m finding the situation really hard. Had blood tests on Sunday so awaiting the results

Ren1988 Wed 05-Aug-20 05:52:51

I will ask for bloods if I get another postivie on Friday. I really feel for you, I thought our bodies would go back to normal by now. I hope you get some answers soon. Let me know how it all goes?

Skyyreni Thu 06-Aug-20 23:31:11

I finally received my period .. kinda sucks as we were hoping to get preggers straight outta of the miscarriage confused but here we are again. Trying again.

Tiff922020 Thu 13-Aug-20 19:23:34

I had a natural miscarriage on June 14th at 6weeks pregnant. Still no period. Doctor sent me to get HCG tests done. 3 test, a test done each week. I have done 2 tests so far. First test was done Aug 5th HCG was 96649IU/L. Second test was done Aug 12th HCG was 91422IU/L. Patiently waiting to see what they say.

Your1Friend Fri 18-Sep-20 01:19:46

I M/C Feb 3 2020 and last period in July is Sept I haven’t had a period since. I hope that I may one find out if I can or not. My first time being pregnant and I never thought I could. I’ve always had none stop periods and now I’m not having them. 😩 So confused. Well good luck to those who are trying.

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