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Low hormone levels in early pg urine test. Worried.

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bramblina Wed 12-Sep-07 18:10:57

I saw dr last wed, when I would have been 5+1, sent a urine sample off that day, they phoned today wanting another one as the level was too low. Receptionist asked did I understand what that meant, I said maybe I won't be as far on as I thought, she said no, the pregnancy may not be as strong as it should. I got half way home and phoned the mw, really worried, she said as it was only 5wks not to worry, there would not be a strong level then anyway and has since phoned after speaking to the dr said same thing not to worry but they do have a level which they expect it to be at for whatever gestation and I'm really worried. I had 4 mcs then ds, which was a perfect pg but can't help worrying because of the mcs.
I have sent another sample off today.

Please give me your experiences.

mumzyof2 Wed 12-Sep-07 19:49:31

No experience im afraid, but just bumping up for you.

scorpio1 Wed 12-Sep-07 19:50:17

what is your hcg level? do you know the number?

bramblina Wed 12-Sep-07 22:23:36

Thank you both. Was unable to log back in till now.

I do not know my level. Do you know what it should be scorpio? If so I would phone the surgery in the morning.

spugs Thu 13-Sep-07 08:49:03

it could be your less pregnant! when i found out i was pregnant this time i paniced as the line on the tests were very faint when normally there very strong (fainter line means less hormone) turns out that i wasnt 4 weeks 2 days like i thought but only 3 weeks 2 days shock didnt realise it would show that early! so it could be something like that.

lulumama Thu 13-Sep-07 08:58:11

what on earth does the receptionist know about it?? telling you the pregnancy is not as strong as it should be....

it might mean you are less pregnant than you think !

you are only in reality,. 3 weeks pregnant...

2 weeks of the pregnancy, is actually the 2 weeks before you ovulated, so once you are 1 week late, you are around 3 weeks pregnant, even though it is considered 5 weeks...

did you use the first wee of the day?

DaisyMOO Thu 13-Sep-07 08:59:46

It could also be that your urine was too dilute!

belgo Thu 13-Sep-07 09:03:48

I'm very surprised that the recptionist thinks it's her business to make you worried like this. She should NOT be interpreting results. I would complain.

If you are worried, ask for a blood test for hormone levels, that's more accurate then a urine test.

bramblina Thu 13-Sep-07 12:54:28

Problem is, the receptionist is sort of a friend, we were in school together and now have dss of similar ages. Had she not had to ask for a repeat sample, I doubt she would have mentioned it, but she is the kind of person who likes ot think she knows what she's talikng about as she works in the surgery. Still, she's quite dramatic and would probably rather I panaicked than calm down sad hmm not sure if I'm describing this well but needless to say I feel in a very awkward poition. I just would have rathered she had said nothing and if I do mc then so be it but now I've got all these doubts in my mind I really think they are not helping.

Last night I dreamed I miscarried shock so this morning was quite upset, my boobs are no longer "tingling" and slightly bulging from the new bra I bought last week, so very concerned. I phoned the mw in tears, she tried to get me to the epc for a scan but as it's 75 miles away they are doubtful it would be worth it as scans at 6 wks often need a repeat at 7. So all they can offer is the blood test; today and Saturday, but of course then they have to be posted, so hospital won't receive them till Mon/Tues so it's probably going to be another week before I get any result.sadsadsad But of course now think I'll probably bleed before then so is it worth it.

Anyway, I'm having the blood test this afternoon, incase I don't bleed in the meantime it will be nice to know "something" next week if nothing else has happened. I now don't know if I'm feeling sick with worry or morning sickness, it's not very strong and I just don't know what to think. I'm really worried as my boobs aren't tingling though and IIRC with ds they did all the time.

I had 4 mcs before ds and that's prob why I'm so frantic, with the 1st I remmeber sitting on dh's knee one weekend and said "I don't feel pg anymore"; on the Monday I mcd at 14 wks and it just feels so familiar with the "no feeling" pg now.

Sorry to ramble but dh is in France and I just feel a bit lost.


Thanks for listening. Erm, reading I suppose.

belgo Thu 13-Sep-07 13:20:04

brambelina- sad - all I can say is try not to worry and I hope it all works out.

You can speak to your GP in total confidence about the receptionist - and maybe ask for the blood results to be given directly to you from the mw or GP, rather then through the receptionist?

From what I gather, the receptionist is acting unprofessionally and the GP needs to know about this.

bramblina Mon 17-Sep-07 23:29:17

Hello, if anyone is still there I'm popping back in to say I got more results back today and everything is fine, thanks all for your support.

Could certainly have done without the stress!!

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