12 weeks pregnant, bleeding whilst on clexane &aspirin

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Pinkmermaid Sat 04-Apr-20 19:20:38


I'm 12+4 pregnant.

On Thursday I had a scan which confirm a heartbeat in baby and all looked fine.

On Friday I experienced some pink spotting, epau advised I put a pad on to check level of blood loss. An hour later I had a gush if bright red blood, I went to epau and the bleeding had stopped again. They did an internal examination and my cervix was closed and firm. They refused to scan as I had one the day before and the were reassured.

I came home and remained on bed rest like they advised.
I had some slightly red blood when wiping a bit later on and then nothing until this morning.

I had more blood when wiping and in the toilet but pad was clear again.

I've had blood when wiping one more today and nothing since.

I am on 150mg aspiring and 60ml of clexane.
The clexane has caused horrific bruising, I have been using this for 10 days and my entire stomach is deep purple and very sore. The bruising has spread as if there is blood under the skin and none of the bruises look like they are clearing, if anything, it is becoming worse. From belly button to pubic bone is just all purple and stretches across to my sides, I have not injected in these places.

Has anyone experienced bleeding and everything been ok?
I have a private scan booked for tomorrow but I am very worried.

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Whatnowwww Sun 05-Apr-20 16:44:40

I was on aspirin and clexane to make my IVF pregnancy stick. At 5+4 and 6+6 I had similar - first experience was a sudden flood of blood that went though all my layers of clothing. Then the same happened again. Both times the scan showed a normal pregnancy. I stopped the clexane and aspirin and have had no bleeding since, and I’m 19 weeks on Monday.
No one has told me the bleeding was due to clexane and aspirin but it’s always been unexplained. Stopping both was the only change that stopped the bleeding and I certainly didn’t experience anything like it with my first child either (didn’t have either). Wishing you all the best for your scan

Shmabel Sun 05-Apr-20 16:56:14

I had IVF but natural frozen cycle so didn't take aspirin or anything. Doesn't aspirin thin the blood and would that make bleeding more likely?

Did you have your scan?

TwinkleStars15 Sun 05-Apr-20 17:04:22

@Pinkmermaid can you post a photo of the bruising? I’m on 100mg of Clexane and do get bruises but I wouldn’t say it was horrific. You can inject in other places than your stomach so maybe try your thighs, hips, arms etc. I do mine in my ‘love handles’ and switch sides each night but my haematologist said to inject anywhere where there’s enough fat to pinch, which in my case is all over grin

Pinkmermaid Sun 05-Apr-20 18:43:34

I had my dating scan Thursday which did not show anything.

Yes aspirin puts a sort of coating on the cells in the blood to prevent clotting and is primarily to allow blood flow through the placenta.
The hospital then said I was at risk of dvt and put me on clexane with no other explanation.

I had a private scan today and it showed a small sub chorionic haemorrhage, from what I read, it's where some of the placenta had detached from the initial implantation site. I have had these in previous pregnancies and not had any bleeding from it.

Baby still has heartbeat and everything looks good.

I will be calling the consultant tomorrow and stating that I am no longer willing to continue with clexane. My blood doesn't clot very well anyway so rather confused as to why I have been put on it.

It won't let me post a photo as I'm a new user?

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Shmabel Mon 06-Apr-20 18:08:58

Your private scan sounds really positive, @Pinkmermaid. I'm glad your baby is okay. I've heard of sub chorionic haemorrhage from another thread on here the other day. Small ones are usually okay aren't they? Do you feel better?

NicLondon1 Tue 07-Apr-20 14:01:07

I am not sure if this helps and I would not want to give any medical advice as am unqualified... but I was taking Aspirin 75mg & Clexane 40ml (because of positive anticardiolipin antibodies) and also struggled with bruising, nose bleeds etc My private consultant said I could take it every other day! This has helped massively. Feel much better about it.
However, I've never heard of anyone else taking the dose every other day. It just works for me.
Equally - there was a week when I came off the clexane, as NHS consultant said I hadn't been properly diagnosed - and THAT was when I had a 2 bleeds. So I feel you are right, in that if you are bleeding too much it's strange to take something that prevents blood from clotting and may cause further bleeding... would definitely get a second or specialist opinion.


GMumma Thu 17-Dec-20 20:54:05

Hi, first time pregnancy here 15+1 and had severe bleeding last night. Baby absolutely fine and bleeding stopped after an hour or so. Also taking aspirin so unsure if that is the cause.

Nia18 Thu 17-Dec-20 23:34:58

I've just come here to ask about bleeding while on blood thinners.

I'm on 150mg aspirin and 5000 fragmin (does the same job as clexane i believe).

I'm 18 weeks and had some bright red bleeding today.

I'm not cramping and I can feel baby kicking around, but still, I'm worried.

GMumma Fri 18-Dec-20 02:03:02

sounds similar to my experience Nia18! I went to hospital and had swabs taken of the torn areas to check the reason behind but they did say it could be down to a low lying placenta too which can be checked at 20week scan. It might be worth asking doctors if the aspirin is causing the bleeding though too?

Momyaya Fri 18-Dec-20 06:47:54

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Momyaya Fri 18-Dec-20 06:49:17

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