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mumzyof2 Tue 11-Sep-07 14:54:12

I joined of few of them last pg, but that was 3 years ago. They sent free samples, and coupons; pampers sent my money off vouchers every month. Just wondered if theres any good ones anybody has joined lately? Iv just joined Cow & Gate's which seems quite good. You put in your due date, and it personalises your page for you, and if you join, you get tips, samples, bottle feeding feeding info, forums and neighbourhood mums. I like these groups because it makes me feel in touch with th outside world, when children seem to be keeping me in! Not that id change a thing. So has anybody go any favourites to share?

Alfie72 Tue 11-Sep-07 20:58:54

I am on babycentre and here but if you are looking for actual mum and baby groups- do have a look on your local site here on mumsnet, tells you what goes on in your area.

mumzyof2 Wed 12-Sep-07 12:59:47

I mean more the ones by companies, that send you vouchers, and have good websites with forums and stuff. Like the baby club 'Toys R Us' do, which is good, and Mothercare.

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