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where to find padded maternity bras...

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AttillaTheHan Tue 11-Sep-07 09:09:49

Why are maternity bras so flipping thin?
Since i've been pregnant I've had nipples like coat hooks and they show through all the bras. Anyone know of padded bras available with no underwire?

NoNameToday Tue 11-Sep-07 09:39:07

What about breast pads, would that help?

ClaphamLauren Tue 11-Sep-07 09:40:50

What about just buying normal cotton bras from La Senza... That's what I have done. Maternity bras are hideous and the La Senza ones are lovely, a good fit and very soft. Plus they're fairly cheap so you can buy new ones when you get bigger!

teenyweeny Tue 11-Sep-07 09:53:21

I had the exact same problem, I found m&s had a decent selection and are definitely padded enough!!

AttillaTheHan Tue 11-Sep-07 12:44:57

Brilliant - thanks I'll have a look in M & S and La senza then. cheers

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