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5 Miscarriages at 6 weeks and now no ovulation apparent

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Sunshyne Mon 10-Sep-07 16:25:49

Hi there. Just wondering if anyone could shed any light on my situation. I have had 5 miscarriages now. It seem as though whenever the baby has to rely on the placenta everything goes wrong. All the tests have been done and nothing can be found. Was told not to try again for a couple of months after my last miscarriage to give my body a chance to recover. That was up in June. So far June, July and August I have not been able to detect any LH surge even though I am testing 3 times a day so as not to miss the surge. Any input would be very very welcome. My fingers are crossed.

RLR Mon 10-Sep-07 16:41:09

hi, i was using tests everyday too, to try and detect ovulation but was not ovulating i went to the doctors about this but the doctor wasnt very helpful. after tryin for a baby for nearly 12 months ive just found out two weeks ago im pregnant even tho i didnt ovulate i know this really sounds mad doesnt it. good luck.x

Feedmenow Mon 10-Sep-07 16:45:00

Sunshyne, I am definately no expert on this, but can you not have blood tests on certain days of your cycle to confirm whether or not you have ovulated? Maybe you should see your gp to discuss....?
Good luck!

Sunshyne Mon 10-Sep-07 17:02:13

Thanks for your comments RLR and Feedmenow. I had a day 21 progestrone test on Friday, which will indicate wheather I am still ovulating, results come back on Friday this week, so fingers crossed again. smile

fettleandminifettle Mon 10-Sep-07 17:12:29

Sunshyne - silly question, but do you have a regular cycle? Have you tried taking your basal body temperature? I had really irregular cycles and found that it shed light on what was going on - if you're ovulating, you'll see an obvious temperature shift as you go through you cycle.

Over in the conception threads, is a thread called temp buddies - very friendly and they'll be able to answer any questions on it for you.

HTH - good luck!!smile


woo12woo Mon 10-Sep-07 19:10:27

Hi, A friend of mine took a drug called Clomid to help her ovulate, it apparently stimulates ovulation. I don't think she ever had a miscarriage, but her cycle was really irregular and she wasn't getting pregnant, so her doctor prescribed this drug to her. Well it worked, she was pregnant 3 months later and now has a baby girl. Anyways, good luck to you.

Sunshyne Thu 13-Sep-07 20:18:05

Thanks for that fettleandminifettle. I am pretty new to the site an am unsure how to get access to the thread you mentioned ?
I am really wanting to try and get in touch with people who have a similar problem to me regarding the 5 m/c's can you tell me where would be best for me to go. For the first time in my 40 year life I have just leet my bath overrun all over the bathroom floor. I just seem to loose track of time when I am thinking about my situation. I had my results back this evening and everything seems to be OK. Which is excellant news. Now all I have got to do is work out when I am ovulating and try and do something about it. I am taking tests 3 times a day from day 7 to try and catch the surge so may be I will be more lucky this month. Then it's just a case of trying to perform under pressure. God you really have got to want to have a baby. But that is all I want sad

justjules Thu 13-Sep-07 20:29:06


firstly i am so sad to hear you have had 5 m/c

i have just had my 3rd m/c sad

there is a ttc after m/c thread here

there are lots of us there, we share our thoughts, laughter and tears, it is a wonderful life line smile

some of the ladies are just experiencing thier 1st m/c and others like you have sadly had 5 sad

just click on the link and then go to 'watch' at the top of the thread page so you dont lose us smile

take care x

fettleandminifettle Thu 13-Sep-07 20:31:09

Hi Sunshyne - I'm not very good a linking threads I'm afraid, but if you click on the talk link on the homepage of Mumsnet and then on click on conception as the subject of talk you want to come into (this is obviously the pregnancy section). Look down the list for a thread called Temping Buddies - just explain I sent you over for some advice on temping to get an idea of your cycle.

You could also try looking for a book called taking charge of your fertility by Toni Weschler - fantastic book that gives you insight into your body and fertility signs - I conceived twice in the space of 6 weeks after reading it!! (mc the first one unfortunately, but now 37 weeks pregnant, due to be induced on Tuesday, due to a liver complaint!!).

As for advice on recurrent mc, there is also a thread over there, called TTC after mc - full of women like you (and me) who are trying to conceive after having had a mc. There is bound to be someone on there who can give you some advice too.

Hope it all works out for

take care

fettleandminifettle Thu 13-Sep-07 20:32:10

Crossed with Justjules there - she's obviously a more advanced mumsnetter who can set up links!!!grin

take care

justjules Thu 13-Sep-07 20:32:14

by the way, this thread is ongoing and has been for many months/years, when it is full we create a new one grin

currently there are about 600 messages, dont worry if you cant read them all, just say hello and you will be welcomed with open arms smile

hope this helps x

justjules Thu 13-Sep-07 20:33:28

<<<jules waves at fettle>>>

miss you...

i hope to be back soon smile

fettleandminifettle Thu 13-Sep-07 20:38:53

Hi Jules!!

Lots of love, hugs and tummy rubbing for you!! Hope it all works out for you too!smile

Take care

Sunshyne Thu 13-Sep-07 20:52:51

Thanks Jules and Fettle I will give you ideas a go and try to find those threads. Thanks for coming back to me to quickly you made a bad night alot better xxx smile

Reags Thu 20-Sep-07 05:49:35


hi there hon, like you I too have had 5 m/c and two ectopics (the last ectopic ruptured at between 9-13 weeks, so was serious). Like you they tested me too and at first, put all my early losses (same as you 6 weeks +)down to "anti-bodies" where my body was fighting the growing embryo and rejecting it. This made sense and we continued to try, with one remaining tube at the time (incorporating heparin injections to help). Alas this didn't work either. Then 3 years ago we emmigrated to Australia and joined a new consultant. Testing he did revealed NOT anti-bodies, but low supply/poor quality eggs remaining. Basically the possible on-set of early menopause (then aged 35!)He put the losses down to poor eggs = poor embryo quality. After that I had my serious ectopic and had no choice but to do IVF. We did 3 cycles and they all failed, I just didn't seem to produce many eggs. Consultant said "give up", but I was determined to try one last time. This time he incorporated an extra inection to "boost" my eggs quality .................. and here I am ..... sat typing to you at 22 weeks pregnant !!!!!!
I know I had to take the long road to achieve this blessing, but it is so worth it. My advise to you is get a second opinion and maybe get them to do the "egg timer" blood test (indicates how many eggs you have left). This maywell be contributing to your losses. I know how you feel, cheated, angry, upset and hard done by !! But there can be light at the end of the tunnel.
I wish you well on your journey to be a mama
Take care
Reags X

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