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Antihistamine cream in pregnancy

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AnnaVR Mon 10-Sep-07 14:23:43

Hello, on holiday in France I was stung by a mystery insect - never saw it. And my foot swelled up to be enormous with unbearable itching. Someone gave me some antihistamine cream and since I was away I couldn't check with my GP or midwife, so used it for three days. Now I'm back I've read you're not supposed to use these creams when pregnant. I know it's too late, but am worried - has this happened to anyone else? sad

conkeyhead Mon 10-Sep-07 15:42:42


I had to take an antihistamine pill a week or so ago and had the same panic (After i took it - I'm bright that way!!). Anyway, looked up a load of stuff on the internet and as far as I can tell the jury is out on antihistamines generally; they say the old style ones that make you drowsy are fine, but they haven't done enough research on the new ones to say that they're safe, so to be safe whilst they're still working on it, they say they're not! (if you get my meaning) However, from what I could tell, no-one has had a two headed baby from taking them!! Have a look at NHS direct online and NetDoctor, I went through google I think.

3madboys Mon 10-Sep-07 15:57:35

i take antihistimines every day and i am 16wks preg, i took them in all three of my other pregnancies on the advice of my dermatologist who looked up which ones are 'safest' during pregnancy.

all three of my kids are fine and i am sure this one will be soon.

i have also used antihistimine creams with no adverse affect, my consultant assured me that the theory is that the cream may be absorbed through your skin and into your blood stream and therefore pass over into the placenta, however he said it is highly unlikely that it will make your blood stream in any quantity, let alone a quantity large enough to harm your baby. i can understand your panic but am sure you and baby are fine.

go and see a gp etc for some extra reassurance hth and take care xxx

AnnaVR Mon 10-Sep-07 16:12:58

Thanks so much 3madboys and conkeyhead. Feel better already! smile

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